Jen Brown – Strength/Conditioning

Jen Brown - Strength/Conditioning

* Full Name:   Jennifer Brown

* Preferred to be called:  Jen Brown

* Preferred not to be called: Jenny & Jennifer (only my parents call me Jennifer!)

* Occupation: (Reformed Lawyer &) Personal Trainer

* Qualifications:  Certificate IV in Fitness, Registered Fitness Professional

* Location: Penrith, New South Wales

* Greatest claim to fame: finishing the Six Foot Track marathon, a 45km trail race across the Blue Mountains in 2007. And climbing in the Himalayas!

* Greatest claim to fame outside of sporting arena: I’m not sure whether it is a claim to fame but leaving the ‘safety’ of being a lawyer & taking on personal training as my career is one of the more difficult things I have done.

* What got you into triathlons:  I had been running for a few years & had thought about doing a triathlon but was scared of the swim leg. And then my uncle (who has done multiple Ironman races) teamed up with my then-fiancé-now-husband (who had been in the sport for the year or two at the time) & talked me into doing a triathlon. I confess I think the only reason I did the first triathlon was to shut them up!

* Why have you decided to be a part of a Triathlons (and sport in general) have taught me to always challenge any preconceived notions I have about what I am, or am not, capable of. My actual limitations have always been very different from what I thought they were. I love helping other women realise this too & then seeing them grow in confidence when they do!

* What are your own training/racing plans for 2012: Finishing my first 100km event in March this year. Once I survive that, I will plan the rest of the year!


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