Naantali Marshall – Swim Expert

I started as a pool swimmer and won over 50 State Age and Open titles.  I had the Victorian Open 50 Freestyle record for over a decade.  I won several national titles as well and held the national 15 year old, 16 year old and 17 year old Australian records for 50 freestyle.  After my pool swimming career ended when I was early 20s I got more involved in surf life saving and then competed in the Uncle Toby’s Ironwoman and Kellogg’s Ironwoman professional series for 7 years until I was 31 years old.  I was and still am the only Victorian to compete in either Series while living in Victoria, and I worked full-time in Melbourne throughout as well.  I won several Australian and World Title medals in various disciplines including surf races, board races and board rescue and won about 50 State Open Titles in all water disciplines.

I competed in ocean swims to complement my swimming and then surf life saving and won a few junior Pier to Pub races but it took quite a few tries in Open before I won and then I won 6 consecutive races.  The Pier to Pub is still the largest ocean swim in the world. For about a decade I dominated the ocean swims in Victoria.


I have Level 1 coaching qualifications in surf life saving and have done quite a bit of ocean and pool swimming coaching.

I wrote the swimming section of Triathlon and Multi Sport Magazine from 2003 to 2007 and have been a regular contributor to many other magazines and websites throughout the years. I had a column in The Age reporting on the ocean swims at one stage too.


In terms of what I think is my best achievement, well, it’s not one thing but that now that I’m a 37 (nearly) year old Mum I’m really proud of the length of my career – I got my first State record at age 8 in breaststroke and then 28 years later can still podium in Open at the Pier to Pub and come 2nd in the Anaconda Adventure Race at Lorne, and without much training anymore.  Obviously I have a hell of a lot of miles, sweat and tears behind me but I’m really proud that I can still give the younger girls who train full-time a good run for their money.  I’m also proud of my versatility, for example, I was once a drop dead sprinter in the pool and now can do well (and have fun) in various multi-discipline events.