Sports Dietitians Australia

Is triathlon your thing? Whether you race competitively or purely for fitness and enjoyment, good sports nutrition habits can bejust as important as having the right gear. Sports Dietitians Australia (SDA) is a professional organisation of dietitians*who specialise in the field of sports nutrition. SDA takes pride in providing current and cutting-edge sports nutrition information based on sound scientific principles for both the general public and health professionals. Our fact sheet database is current and continues to grow as sports science uncovers new sports nutrition performance benefits.

These days, everyone seems to have an opinion and/or nutrition advice from what they may have heard or read or eaten or tried themselves! Unfortunately, there is more misinformation available than accurate and evidence-based sports nutrition information. If you take your training and racing seriously and want the right advice, Accredited Sports Dietitians are who to see for all of your sports nutrition and supplement advice. Find your local Accredited Sports Dietitian.

*The minimum academic requirements for Accredited Sports Dietitians include a Bachelor of Science degree with post-graduate qualifications in dietetics, as well as further sports nutrition accredited studies.

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