Bek Keat

Rebekah ‘Bek’ Keat

World Champion. Ironman Triathlete. 


* Full Name: Rebekah Keat

* Preferred to be called: Bek

* Age: 33

* Location: Burleigh Heads

* What are your 2012 plans: To qualify with as many points as I can in IM Melbourne. To have my best day at Hawaii 2012

* Greatest claim to fame in triathlon: Breaking the world record in 2009

* Greatest claim to fame outside triathlon: Having Dan Mac flash me on new years!;)

* How long have you been doing triathlons: 15 years

* Toughest race: Hawaii IM 2007

* Favourite race: Hawaii IM

* Triathlon weaponery: MY CO2 CARTRIDGE it hurts if you pelt it!

* What is it about triathlon that has kept you in this sport for so many years: The love of winning

* Why have you decided to become a ambassador: Loved the concept and want to support women in sport

* 10 years after you retire, how do you hope to reflect on your time as a professional athlete: That I achieved all my dreams and helped encourage women in sport

* What’s your one piece of advice for those new to our sport? Always take in that first finish and enjoy every second of it

* Who are the main players in the success of Bek Keat? Definitely my partner, my sister , my mum and Brett Sutton



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