Belinda Granger

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Australian Ironman Hall of Famer.


* Full Name: Belinda Granger

* Preferred to be called: BG

* Preferred not to be called: ‘Bee’

* Age: 41

* Location: Noosa

* What are your 2012 plans: to continue loving what I do…training, racing and breathing triathlon.

* Greatest claim to fame in triathlon: winning Challenge Roth, being inducted into the Australian Ironman Hall of Fame, my longevity in the sport.

* Greatest claim to fame outside triathlon: continuing to have an amazing partnership with my husband Justin. We have been married for over 12 years and dating for over 20 years. We spend every day training together and we are the best of friends. I would not have achieved half of what I have in the sport if it wasn’t for Justin.

* How long have you been doing triathlons: lets just leave it at ‘over 20 years’.

* Toughest race: Alpes Du Huez, Asia-Pacific 70.3 Phuket.

* Favourite race: Challenge Roth, Ironman Canada, Laguna Phuket Triathlon

* Triathlon weaponery: Ceepo Katana, K-Swiss shoes and clothing, SRAM componentry, Zipp Wheels, Fi’zi:k cycle shoes and saddles, Profile Design Bars and Hydration, Powertap, Oakley, Limar Helmets, Vittoria Tyres, Headsweats Visors Powerbar for nutrition, Normatec Boots for recovery, Urban Hotels.

* What is it about triathlon that has kept you in this sport for so many years: Honestly it started out as a way to lose some weight during my university years and then it became an addiction and turned into a passion and now it is a lifestyle. It is such a huge part of my life. I love everything about it- the training, the racing, travelling the world and getting to meet so many amazing people who share the same passion for the sport as I do.

* Why have you decided to become a ambassador: Because I truly believe it is a fantastic concept and we need to encourage as many girls as we can to the sport of Triathlon. I want to show women all around Australia that no matter what their age, fitness level or experience, that triathlon is not only ‘doable’ but a whole stack of fun.

* 10 years after you retire, how do you hope to reflect on your time as a professional athlete: You know this is something I really struggle with…the word ‘retire’. I honestly don’t think I’ll ever be fully retired from the sport. Of course I will retire from professional racing but I will always be involved in the sport in some shape or form. I will savour every single experience I have had in the sport. It has certainly helped shape me into the person I am today.

* What’s your one piece of advice for those new to our sport? ENJOY!!! Never forget why you got into the sport in the first place. Set yourself realistic goals but never, ever be afraid to dream big.

* Who are the main players in the success of Belinda Granger? The main players are my husband Justin, my family- mum and dad, my sister Danielle and her boyfriend Michael, my best mates in the sport…too many to list! Brett Sutton has also had a profound effect and taught me so much about myself and what I am capable of.


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