Elly Franks

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Elly “Franky” Franks

Ironman WA, 2011 – 4th


* FULL NAME: Elly Franks


* PREFERRED NOT TO BE CALLED: I can handle anything!

* AGE: 29

* LOCATION: from Yamba NSW, Resides in Melbourne

* WHAT ARE YOUR 2012 PLANS: To build up the fitness and then race IM Melbourne before heading overseas to race in Europe and qualify for the 70.3 Worlds & possibly Hawaiian Ironman-World Champs

* GREATEST CLATIM TO FAME IN TRIATHLON: Australian Bike Course Record 70.3- Busselton

* GREATEST CLAIM TO FAME OUTSIDE OF TRIATHLON: I’m not sure but it may go back to my competitive Rugby union days when I think I scored a try?? Or maybe the fact that I know lyrics to every Tupac song or top 40 song.

* HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN DOING TRIATHLONS: Inconsistently for about 7-8 years

* TOUGHEST RACE: Hawaii 70.3 2011

* FAVOURITE RACE: I have many! Busselton, Hawaii, Gatorade series, Triman. I love racing!

* FAVOURITE DISCIPLINE: Swim/Bike is my strength, but I actually enjoy running the most!


–       Bike: Giant trinity TT with Hot Pink decal Zipp 808’s.

–       Shoes: Shimano

–       Swimwear: Blue Seventy wetsuits- and all the awesome bright swimmers from Aqua Shop- It’s like Xmas every time I go in there!

* WHAT IS IT ABOUT TRIATHLON THAT HAS KEPT YOU IN THIS SPORT FOR SO MANY YEARS?My good friends, the balance of training in 3 different sports, the improvement every year and the travel that comes with racing.

* WHY HAVE YOU DECIDED TO BECOME A WITSUP.COM AMBASSADOR: I am really passionate about health and promoting active lifestyle. Triathlons are a great addition to people’s lives, and for women to be aware of events and results of what other women are achieving is a massive step forward! And working with the Witsup peeps is always fun. 

* 10 YEARS AFTTER YOU RETIRE, HOW DO YOU HOPE TO REFLECT ON YOUR TIME AS A PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE:  I hope to really achieve my potential and become the best athlete I can be.  I am very aware of balance, enjoying the journey and getting the most out of myself when I need to- but there is a lot of improvement left which I would really love to reflect on in 10 years and know I reached my limits!

 * WHAT’S YOUR ONE PIECE OF ADVICE FOR THOSE NEW TO OUR SPORT: Don’t ever be seen with a grease mark on your calf! That’s called a Wally! Just joking. The main advice I can give is to look long term. It’s not an overnight sport. Do your time on the equipment you have and don’t rush to upgrade everything or overtrain.  

* WHO ARE THE MAIN PLAYERS IN THE SUCCESS OF ELLY FRANKS: Wow there’s a lot of people who help me succeed! Definitely my Pop (grandpa) who got me into competitive sport at the age of 8 and helped me achieve my goals all the way through my life so far. Also my coaches along the way- especially Triathlon coaches Andy Sleeman and recently Roch Frey, Triathlon Club: Tribal, Sponsors: Giant Bikes, Powerbar, Aqua Shop, Urban Hotels.

Lastly but most importantly: my closest friends who are my Melbourne family and are there for me in day to day situations. Without them I would not be doing this sport!


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