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Let’s hear what the lucky winner of the $20,000 Witsup.com Scholarship Ambassador competition

had to say about yesterday’s series of events…

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Well Stef, you know how to keep a girl in suspense.

My whole Thursday was spent with my phone in my hand waiting to receive what I was hoping to be a call of great news. I swear my phone has never rang so much in a day, calls from mum, my brother and my sister. Each time the phone would ring the butterflies in my stomach went crazy. I was trying to keep myself busy with a training session in the morning, coffee dates with friends, a bit of retail therapy and then training again in the afternoon.
While sitting at lunch with mum, dad and my brother, my phone rang. I thought to myself – everyone who had been calling is here with me – my hands began to shake and my tummy went berserk… When I looked at my phone my brother’s name was on the screen! The bugger knew how I was waiting on the call and decided to be funny and call from across the table – ‘NOT FUNNY MARK!’
Mid afternoon was run time with Cath, and still no call. It was raining and I was going to leave my phone at home until Cath said “NO WAY!! I’ll will put your phone in a zip lock bag so it doesn’t get wet, and you WILL bring it with you”. Running along in the rain constantly checking my phone, drink stop and checking my phone, running home and still checking my phone… Nothing! Being a Gemini, patience isn’t a virtue.
At 16:55 I was driving home and my phone rang. It was a private number. On any other day I wouldn’t have answered a blocked call. But, I answered to hear the words;

“Are you sitting down? I am about to tell you the news of your life!”

My reply ‘Stef, is that you?”

My hands were shaking, butterflies were multiplying and the smile on my face was from ear to ear. Then I heard,

“Will you accept the offer of being the first ambassador for WITSUP.com?”

My response… Well, I cant really remember. I was too excited with what was happening. NB. We can confirm that there was a lot of “are you serious?”, “ARE YOU SERIOUS?”, and a few words that we can’t repeat – Ed.

I am honoured to be given the opportunity to work with amazing sponsors, athletes and witsup.com. A huge thank you to my friends and family for all your support leading up to, during and after races. Thank you to my brother for following me around the Sunshine Coast taking video footage and to Ollie who put it all together for me. To the judges… WOW, what a tough job you had! The 7 other finalists were amazing athletes and I want to congratulate them all on making the final cut. To all of the sponsors – my journey to inspire others is made possible because of your tireless efforts. Thank you and I look forward to working with each and every one of you. Finally to Stef, THANK YOU for giving me the honour of being an ambassador for witsup.com. I am looking forward to working with you to inspire and promote the participation of Women In Triathlon.

Let the journey of a lifetime begin!


From our judges:

“It was hard. It took me a while to make a decision- I had to get up and walk away from all of the applications and then come back to it. I think Kacey is a great choice, and I definitely think she can improve performance-wise, she has heaps of potential. She’s a super cool chick, and so positive. Everyone is going to love her. How good was her video doing the chin ups….b**ch!!! Haha”


She seems like a great role model. She wants to be an inspiration for women to get out there and train, juggle their jobs and every day challenges. She thought about great ways to promote the sport, through videos, blogs etc. She seems to love being challenged and is passionate about triathlon and helping others. Winner.



We had to let all of the girls know yesterday whether they were successful or not, and I personally want to thank them for their grace and pure humbleness. They were all stoked to make the top eight, and while obviously disappointed, were still very excited for the announcement of the winner. Those seven ladies (and the others who applied who didn’t make the shortlist), are all class. I can’t wait to see how their careers go, and you can be sure that you will be seeing them in the limelight. So much talent in our sport – so a special mention to Susan Crowe, Jenna Fulton, Laura Harris, Anna Hoy, Grace MacPherson, Rebecca Nunn and Heidi Sowerby – amazing ladies!

As for Kacey, I know we’ve picked not only a good egg, but a great egg! If you heard the conversation on the phone, you would agree. Although, you could hardly call it a conversation, it was more just noises and excited babbling from her end. I’m surprised she managed to keep it a secret overnight. But in all seriousness – super excited to have Kacey on board! 

I’d also like to personally thank the sponsors who jumped on board this idea – fantastic group of people/companies helping to drive this sport forward. Legends.







About The Author

Stef Hanson. Chief.

Chief and founder of WITSUP

Serious about what I do, but don’t take myself too seriously

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9 Responses

  1. Garonzatron

    FIRST! ( I always wanted to write that)

    CONGRATS KACEY!! What a great choice from a very VERY awesome group of chicks! Can’t wait to see what this chiqua is capable of with the force of WITSUP, some of the most incredible and RAD sponsors going and $20K behind her.

    Go forth… Dominate… and be rad!!!


  2. Meg Gillmer

    Love the video. Love the choice. I am so excited for both Witsup and Kacey. Potential galore and a love for the sport = winner :)

  3. Anna Hoy

    Massive congratulations Kacey, how exciting! Loved your video and everything you represent. Look forward to seeing you around the racing tracks flying the witsup flag in the future!

  4. Sarah de Wolf

    WOW! Amazing video. Can’t wait to watch Kasey’s progress over the year – so exciting!! :)

  5. Catherine

    That a girl. Yayayay for KC. Loved the read as always Stef! Top choice. C x

  6. Kacey

    Thanks guys. I’m very excited- it’s hard to stop smiling and sipping champagne at the moment. Really looking forward to the journey ahead. Anna, congrats on a huge achievement as well. I’ll be keeping my eye out for u at races and coming to say hi :)

  7. Bel

    What a chapter in the life of KC(aka Swiper) is about to be written. Every acomplishment starts with the decision to Tri!! Just keep doing your thing, and when that fails, a friend said to be smile and noone knows it hurting, (yes Chrissie stole ur line)

  8. Jo Williamson

    Congratulations Kacey – your dedication, determination and beautiful spirit has resulted in you being justly rewarded in the sport you adore – well done wibbley
    xxoo The williamsons

  9. Judy

    Congratulations Kacey. And congratulations to WITSUP for putting together such a great initiative. It really is very exciting for our sport.


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