Ambassador, Elly ‘Franky’ Franks is heading to the land of pasta, gelato and Brunello di Montalcino (we googled wine in Italy). But also the home of some beautiful countryside, perfect for a triathlete who wants to escape the Melbourne winter and get a few months of training and racing under her belt. We grabbed a quick coffee with Franky before her long journey overseas…

* Why Italy?: I was planning on racing Italy 70.3 (June 10th), and an opportunity came up to race with a team over there. So I getto stay and travel to other races in the area for May/June and then hopefully do some other 70.3’s and qualify for Vegas. For me, triathlon has always been about the travel, experiences and friendships, so I just thought I would go for it!

* Next race?: I am supposed to race in Italy on 1st May. However, I have a little hip issue at the moment which is holding me back. There is no clear cut timeframe as to when I will be at full capacity again, but, hopefully I will be fit and ready to race asap.

* How are you coping with injury?: I am focusing on what I can do – swimming with a pool bouy, core strength and a really healthy diet. I feel like I’m going through a little maintenance time. I’m just about to start the build up for a long season where I will be fresher later in the year, and hopefully injury free as I’ve focused on my weaknesses. I’m feeling really motivated and mentally ready to train full time in Italy for a little while with no work, driving my car in traffic every day (which has hindered my recovery time), and warm weather.

* Later in the year?: I’m really excited about all the races available to us here in Australia now. I’m looking forward to coming out later in the year with some specific training and trying to do really well here. As I’ve never really done much running, if I can get a good block of running together I should be a lot more competitive. Busselton last year, with only a three weeks of running, really hurt me. I never want to go into a race that underdone again! Im 29 now, so my plan is to take my racing seriously and give myself every opportunity to be the best I can be. Looking forward to next season!

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  1. Glitterbomb

    Have a great trip Franky!!! Hope your hip is on the mend so we can watch you smash it!!


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