We caught up with our two ambassadors who are competing at Ironman Cairns this weekend, Bek Keat and Belinda Granger. We talk the race this weekend, start time and drafting, 40 year old athletes, idols, other female athletes and Bek’s fear of birds. 

Apologies for the watermark in the middle of the screen, and the quality of the footage. We’ve had some serious technical difficulties while away from the comforts of our home office, and so have had to make do with what we’ve got. But the information is still the same.


Last year’s winner, Bek Keat, chats to us about the race this weekend, and the issues with Pros and Age groupers starting so close together.


Bek Keat on her idols, other athletes, her fear of birds and witsup.com exclusive (NB: so there’s no confusion, the exclusive is a joke)


Belinda Granger chats about the race in Cairns, mass starts in Ironman, and 40 year old triathletes.


BG chats about her idols



BG on other female athletes in other sports

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3 Responses

  1. Garonzatron

    Great to see Bek looking so chilled. Chrissy Pregnant! Scared of birds!! Muchos Exclutivos, WITSUP!! Have a rad race and a great day with Mumma K!
    And BG, What a gun! I could listen to her talk Tri all day! Always so positive and energetic and inspiring and full of awesome!

    You ladies are legends! Hope you both smash it, race day!

    Stef… Fricken tops work!!! I can see smell a TV show…

  2. Kb

    Yeah flo-Jo is actually dead ;) so might be bigger than lance if she did now race an ironman!

    And Marion jones is now playing in the wnba

    Great interviews Stef and good luck this weekend ladies


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