After a whirlwind adventure in Melbourne – visiting cafes, posing for photos, attending launches and of course, racing at the inaugural Ironman Melbourne – Belinda Granger has settled back into her normal life in Noosa. Normal to BG includes, more coffee (her and her husband, Justin, have three machines at home), training in the sunshine, and trying to keep up with the ITU ‘speed demons’ who have set up camp in Noosa in preparation for the Dextro Energy Triathlon race in Sydney. BG’s next event is in Koh-Samui on 22nd April, then Busselton 70.3 and Cairns Ironman… 

Post Ironman Melbourne Thoughts:

The inaugural IM Melbourne was certainly an amazing event- no question about it. Of course, as with all first-time events, there are a few hiccups that occur throughout the day, but all in all, I really enjoyed it and will be back for more next year I suspect.

My race was well… So so. Not my finest day out, but certainly not my worst either. It started with a bang with probably one of my best swims yet, but I just didn’t feel it on the bike. I usually always ‘feel’ it on the bike. I love the bike – it is my favourite discipline and the only one I show any sort of natural talent for. So when I ‘fail to fire’ during the bike I get pretty nervous of what the day is going to hold for me. But I got through and actually pulled off a decent run – so not all bad. My most basic goal was to enjoy the day and sneak into the top 10 and I managed to achieve both.

I was pretty disappointed with the amount of drafting I saw out there. I dare say it was probably the worst display of drafting I have ever witnessed at an event, so this is something that definitely needs to be looked at for next year. The pro girls need a 5min buffer to the pro men and then ideally a 45min buffer to the age-groupers.At minimum, it needs to be 30mins. But all in all it was a fab event.

Back to training:

I only gave myself a week of ‘cruisy’ training and I am now back into it as my next race is in less that 3wks time – EEKKK!! I felt pretty ordinary for a few days post-IM, but it is amazing what a couple of good massages and a tonne of sleep can do.

I am settled in back home in Noosa. The weather has been out of this world and getting back into it has never been easier – simply glorious days on the coast at the moment. It is definitely a little quieter now that most of the long course athletes have left town, but we now have all of the young ITU speed demons in town. I love it when they are here. I try so hard to keep up with them and they are all so young… I feel like old mother hen.

Today I was out on the bike with Laura Bennett, current World Champ – Helen Jenkins and Kerry Lang. It was a great session with a fab bunch of girls. They are all preparing for the Sydney World Cup and of course the Olympics. Helen is a favourite to win and when you train with her you can see why – such an amazing athlete! So the great thing for me is that I have no shortage of training partners here at the moment – love it!

What’s Next:

Next race up for me is a new one, The Koh Samui Long Course in Thailand – I cannot wait. Of course I have raced in Phuket many, many times but I have never been to Koh Samui. I love Thailand. It’s such a great country and such beautiful people. If you ever get the opportunity to race there then do it! You won’t regret it.

The distance of this race is the old ‘long course’ distance- 4km/120km/30km. I haven’t raced this distance for years so it will be interesting to see how I go. It is a stacked field as the prize money is very good ($15,738 for the winner – Ed), so it is going to be tough. But I think the hardest thing will be coping with the extreme conditions. It is for sure going to be super hot and humid… But I like it!

After that it is off to Busso for the 70.3. I love this race, although am a little worried about the ‘shark situation’ over there at the moment. I’m thinking I might prefer to swim in the local pool.

But the next big race is of course IM Cairns. This was such a great event last year. Of course it was a Challenge event and they are ALWAYS great events, so I’m hoping that even though it is now an M-Dot race it is still as good.

So I have a busy few months ahead but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Love my sport….love my life!

Happy Training People xx

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