Keat_bike_WAIronman Mont Tremblant has presented a do or die situation for those still wanting to qualify for the Ironman World Championships. After having to opt out of starting at Ironman Frankfurt, our ambassador, Bek Keat has focussed on this weekend’s event to secure those points to get to Kona.

WITSUP: With just falling shy of the July cut off, you’ve decided to line up at Mont Tremblant this weekend to grab your points for Kona. Have you done the maths? Do you know where you have to finish to secure your spot?

Bek Keat: No I’m not much of a mathematician, but all the tri geeks have done that for me, haha! So apparently I need a top seven to qualify. All I want to do in my head is to have a solid day and the result will get me the spot.


W: There are a few other women doing the same thing, eg. Liz Blatchford in Mont Tremblant. Does this change your mental approach to this race, or will you approach it the same way you always do?

BK: No not at all. I focus on the best race I can do. I’m not going out there to break records, I’m going out there to tick a box!


Keat_treadmillW: How’s the leg injury feeling?

BK: The legs are perfect and healthy thanks to a great team here in Boulder – Byron Thomas, Todd Plymouth and Bob Cranny – these three men I can thank for getting me back so quickly!


W: Managed to get back on top of it since you had to pull out of Frankfurt (DNS)? 

BK: Yes I could have raced but my PT advised me to think of my long-term future, and I like to race ready so it was the best decision

Keat had planned to race Ironman Frankfurt (European Championships), but a niggling posterior tendon prevented her from doing so. See here


W: Have you had an opportunity to suss out the course yet? How do you think this course will suit your strengths?

BK: I’m really stoked with the course. I think it suits me perfectly actually, which is hard to find!


My biking is going great and I have really worked hard on my bike and swim! The strong man course suits my style of racing as its a tough bike and it will make the run better for stronger not necessarily faster runners.


W: Good luck Keatsy!

BK: Thanks Steffie!


Photos by Delly Carr and WITSUP


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