You never know what race day will throw at you. Last year’s race was relatively cool and produced some extremely fast times, but this year, it was hot, hot, hot! Linsey Corbin’s sub-5hr bike split wins her the title at Ironman Austria over Hungary’s Erika Csomor. 

Erika Csomor and Linsey Corbin were race favourites at Ironman Austria. It was Csomor who lead the field out of the water, followed by Zeljka Saban who would eventually pull out of the race. Corbin trailed Csomor by 2:17.

The race soon became a two horse race, with Corbin catching Csomor and smashing the bike course in a time of 4:54:09, giving her just under a 4min lead heading out onto the run.

Csomor put time back into Corbin on the run, but could not catch her in the end. Corbin exclaimed that she went to the well in this race. Crossing the line in 9:09:58, she finished in front of Csomor by 2:11. This was Corbin’s second Ironman win of her career. Third place went to Michaela Rudolf who finished just 1:33 ahead of Dana Wagner.

Some of the age group women were mixed in amongst the professional women, of particular note was Elisabeth Gruber (25-29) who broke 10hrs – 9:57:41.


Corbin, Linsey 0:59:18 4:54:09 3:11:07 9:09:58
Csomor, Erika 0:57:01 5:00:11 3:09:55 9:12:09
Rudolf, Michaela 1:07:26 5:02:47 3:28:22 9:44:37
Wagner, Dana 1:03:32 5:09:49 3:27:02 9:46:10
Furnkranz, Simone 1:08:25 5:05:00 3:50:09 10:09:53
Vykoukalova, Simona 1:19:08 5:35:04 3:35:17 10:40:00

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