Delly Carr, a name synonymous with photography magic, captures some of the highlights from the women’s triathlon at this year’s London Olympics. In his words, “I have seen a lot in my 25 years of shooting the sport, and this race is up there at the top of Delly highlights reel.”

Make sure you also take the time to check out his “Werewolves of London” site. He gives you an insight into the different sports that he is shooting at the Olympics, and a few personal stories that just make those photos even more special, including this little snippet about Erin Densham:

“I was so so so proud, and a little teary to see all three girls standing on the Olympic Winners podium, especially Erin whom is dear to me as a friend. Erin’s nickname is ‘Delly’. The Australian team athletes named her that after she was caught taking sooooo many photos on her first overseas Triathlon tour of duty as a junior. That nickname has stuck till this day and it is common to hear spectators call out ‘Go Delly’ when she races.”

Thanks Delly for the below photos, but for sharing some amazing moments throughout the Olynpics. Our personal favourite is the last photo of Erin Densham hugging Lisa Norden with a grin from ear to ear.

Enormous crowds overlooking the swim start, transition area and finish line











#12 Jessica Harrison (FRA) and #17 Ai Ueda (JPN) just minutes before race start











Emma Moffatt after her swim warm up. Focussing on the race ahead.












Cool conditions for the swim start in London – #32 Andrea Hewitt (NZL)











Erin Densham in the lead pack on the 43km bike course












Run pack including eventual winners Nicola Spirig, Lisa Norden, Erin Densham












THAT sprint finish Spirig and Norden












Photo finish












Norden (silver), Spirig (gold), Densham (bronze)












Emotions after the finish. Silver and Bronze medalists ecstatic with their race

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