We are so incredibly excited to welcome Emma Snowsill to the WITSUP team. Her experience, knowledge and insight will be such an amazing bonus to our team and to our readers. Here’s what she had to say…

I’ll let you in a little story, even Stef doesn’t know it yet :-) I received a message on Facebook some years ago… I barely used the thing as my sister set up my account and convinced me to sign up so I could follow her travels/photos abroad. She said it would be easier than sending everyone an email. It would be the way forward in connecting with people all over the world she told me, but ‘I’m personal’ ’I thought in my little self absorbed world.

However, I got a message from a lady who asked if I could wish a friend of hers a Happy Birthday. She said she was starting up a Women’s Triathlon website and portal for all things women in triathlon and would be chuffed if I could pass on my wishes. I had no idea how to ‘write on someone’s timeline’and still not even sure if a message got through to her friend – Stef Hanson.

So we have come a full circle and I am happy that I’ve been able to feature my retirement on WITSUP and now have the opportunity to be a part of the team to bring you more ‘Insider’ information. It will be a change for me asking the questions this time, but I couldn’t be more excited to help promote and bring you more about the women in a sport I am so passionate about.

Emma Snowsill



Photo by Delly Carr

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