Get your nibblies ready and set your alarms, one of the most exciting times in triathlon is here, and it only happens every four years.

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After Witsup’s comprehensive athlete guide, we are all armed with plenty of knowledge about the individuals. But, what is likely to transpire in the race itself? What would we love to see? And what are we dreading?

The team at Witsup have put our heads together and come up with five of the best for each category and we’d love to know yours too!

Gwen Jorgensen - Olympics

Things we expect from the race

1. The Jorgensen Jet – This just in from Captain Obvious – Gwen Jorgensen will have the fastest run split of the day. Jorgensen is unrivaled on foot

2. Spirig Strength – Reigning champion Nicola Spirig will be chasing out of the swim and will then put her superior bike strength to work to start closing gaps. She will possibly have the likes of Ashleigh Gentle to work with to push up to the front pack as seen at Abu Dhabi earlier this year.

3. Tears, Grinding Gears and Cheers – All triathlons evoke the full gamut of emotions and the Olympics is a supercharged version of that. Expect to see it as raw and emotional as it gets.

4. Flora’s Frolic – Flora Duffy has almost single handedly changed the tactical face of women’s racing in recent times. You can be assured that she will be looking to get away on the bike.

5. Surprise Packet – Pressure does funny things and the Olympics has thus far proven to be the downfall of many a favourite. This race is custom built for the big-time one-off performer, could there be a dark horse on the podium on 2016?

2016 ITU Montreal World Cup

Things we’d love to see from the race

1. Allies For An Ambush – To beat Gwen Jorgensen, tactics will have to come into play. We would love to see Flora Duffy go off the front on the bike, but to win from there in a solo effort is near impossible. Helen Jenkins showed on the Gold Coast that if you’re willing to work with Duffy, it could be to your own benefit.

2. A Thriller – Regardless of who is heading towards the finish chute, we’d love another tight finish like the epic 2012 Olympics.

3. Carn The Aussies – While we are a global website, the Witsup HQ is in Australia, so we really want to see the Aussies at the pointy end.

4. War In The Waves – A challenging, choppy swim that shakes up the front of the field is on the cards and could be a true test of an athlete’s ability in the water.

5. Brazilian Brilliance – Nothing is as loud as a home crowd cheering. We’d love to see the only Brazilian on the start line, Pamella Olieira have a cracking day!

Emma Moffatt - Olympics

Things we don’t want to see from the race

1. Crashes – Squealing of brakes could be heard at the Rio test event last year while athletes flew down the hill. We want to see everyone stay upright.

2. Rain – Some of the footage from the cycling races in the wet was hard to watch. Again, we want to see all athletes keep their bikes shiny side up and rubber side down.

3. Mechanicals – we want to see the best of the best lay it on the line, and not have something like a mechanical derail anyone’s shot at the medals. Already Australia’s Ashleigh Gentle has had to deal with a broken bike in transit, let’s hope that’s all fixed come race day. May all tires stay inflated and all chains stay on their cogs!

4. Injury Free Zone – No one deserves to have four years of hard work cruelled by the pop of a hamstring. Hopefully everyone stays fit and gets the opportunity to put their best foot forward.

5. Don’t Be A Dope – The last thing anyone wants is to find out after the race is run and won that it was done unfairly. Let’s hope that triathlon remains one of the cleanest sports on the planet.


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