After having to pull the pin on the Hawaiian Ironman World Championships with a back injury last year, Belgium’s Sofie Goos finished on top at Ironman Brazil this weekend.

Not surprisingly, Hillary Biscay was minutes clear of the others out the water, in 50:01. Maki Nishiuchi followed, and then local athlete, Vanessa Gianinni.

Biscay powered away on the bike making the most of her lead, with Nishiuchi and Gianinni holding the same pace, not making up any ground on the leader. It was Belgium’s Sofie Goos who starting to make her way through the field in the first part of the ride. By the 40km mark, she hit the lead, and stayed there for not only the rest of the bike leg, but, the rest of the race.

With the fastest bike split of the day, 4:59:24, Goos managed to put in over a two minute lead on Biscay, Gianinni and Nishiuchi, who all came into T2 close together (NB. We are going on times from – however, the feed went down half way through the race).

Goos continued to hold her lead in the run, while Biscay felt like she spent “3:44 of running up and down on the spot,” and Nishiuchi also fell back. Goos continued to pull away from the original chasers, but there were some strong runners now putting on a show. USA’s Kim Loeffler, who had an 11minute deficit in the swim, was clawing her way back into medal contention on the run, as was Sara Gross who had lost time on the bike.

Goos, who hadn’t won an Ironman since Florida in 2009, maintained her lead and won in a time of 9:17:42. Loeffler continued her strong marathon run and moved her way into second place, while Gianinni comfortably held onto third.

Waiting to find out what happened to Fernanda Keller who started, but recorded no time after the swim.  Plus, Ana Lidia Borba’s marathon time of 2:58:41 (see below).


Name Country Swim Bike Run Finish
GOOS, SOFIE BEL 0:52:42 4:59:24 3:25:36 9:17:42
LOEFFLER, KIM USA 1:03:14 5:02:21 3:15:15 9:20:50
GIANINNI, VANESSA BRA 0:52:23 5:02:02 3:29:24 9:23:49
GROSS, SARA CAN 0:52:29 5:18:36 3:24:03 9:35:08
GOMES MONTICELI DA SILVEIRA, ARIANE BRA 0:58:51 5:16:04 3:24:40 9:39:35
BISCAY, HILLARY USA 0:50:01 5:04:20 3:50:40 9:45:01
NISHIUCHI, MAKI JAP 0:52:06 5:02:19 3:58:31 9:52:56
BORGES DE ANDRADE, MARIANA BRA 0:56:27 5:03:01 3:55:54 9:55:22
LIDIA BORBA, ANA BRA 0:52:25 6:21:20 2:58:41 10:12:26
ROCIO DE CARVALHO, ALESSANDRA BRA 1:02:02 5:31:45 3:42:36 10:16:23

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