The ITU Hamburg race this weekend could be the battle of the Aussies. With the likes of Jenkins and Spirig not on the start line, the Australians could be the headline act again this year. Who can forget the Aussie Emma’s sweep of podium at this race last year, with Emma Moffatt, Emma Jackson and Emma Snowsill going one, two and three respectively. This year, Snowsill won’t be on the start line, so will it be our three Olympians, Jackson, Moffatt and Erin Densham who go one, two and three? The women will be in huge preparation for their Olympics race on August 4th, and so they won’t be tapering, which can change the outcome significantly. Ashleigh Gentle will definitely be the Aussie to look out for in this race after her win at Tiszaujvaros. The other Aussies are Felicity Sheedy-Ryan and Natalie Van Coevorden.

 All the best to all athletes, but in particular our ambassador, Emma Jackson.



3 Erin Densham AUS
4 Emma Moffatt AUS
8 Ashleigh Gentle AUS
10 Emma Jackson AUS
11 Felicity Sheedy-Ryan AUS
35 Natalie Van Coevorden AUS
30 Katrien Verstuyft BEL
25 Pamela Oliveira BRA
48 Manon Letourneau CAN
31 Vendula Frintova CZE
57 Petra Kurikova CZE
9 Ainhoa Murua ESP
18 Zurine Rodriguez ESP
28 Marina Damlaimcourt ESP
50 Carolina Routier ESP
23 Carole Peon FRA
15 Non Stanford GBR
24 Vanessa Raw GBR
42 Lois Rosindale GBR
2 Anne Haug GER
14 Anja Dittmer GER
17 Svenja Bazlen GER
27 Anja Knapp GER
34 Ricarda Lisk GER
39 Sarah Fladung GER
44 Kathrin Muller GER
46 Margit Vanek HUN
1 Aileen Morrison IRL
43 Annamaria Mazzetti ITA
45 Alice Betto ITA
32 Hideko Kikuchi JPN
37 Yuko Takahashi JPN
41 Tomoko Sakimoto JPN
52 Ayami Kawaguchi JPN
36 Claudia Rivas MEX
49 Fabienne St Louis MRI
5 Rachel Klamer NED
6 Kate McIlroy NZL
7 Nicky Samuels NZL
20 Debbie Tanner NZL
33 Agnieszka Jerzyk POL
21 Kate Roberts RSA
26 Gillian Sanders RSA
54 Vicky Van Der Merwe RSA
47 Elena Danilova RUS
51 Inna Tsyganok RUS
53 Liubov Ivanovskaya RUS
55 Anastasiya Polyanskaya RUS
56 Olga Zausaylova RUS
38 Mateja Simic SLO
19 Melanie Annaheim SUI
58 Mira Bednarovicova SVK
12 Sarah Groff USA


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