Back in the day we used to send ‘hero faxes’ to our Australian Olympians, wishing them luck representing their country at one of the greatest sporting events in history. As we are well and truly knee deep in the the 21st century, we thought it was time to upgrade, and besides that, do faxes even exist anymore? So we’ve introduced ‘HERO VIDS’ – an opportunity to wish Emma Moffat, Erin Densham, and our very own WITSUP Ambassador, Emma Jackson, all the best on their Olympic campaign. While doing so, you go into the draw to win these awesome new women’s style Oakley Radar Edge Sunglasses.




We want you to send in your ‘HERO VIDS’, wishing our three Olympians, Emma Moffatt, Erin Densham, and our very own WITSUP Ambassador, Emma Jackson all the very best on their Olympic campaign in London this year. Everyone who sends in their video goes into the draw to win a pair of these awesome new women’s style Oakley Radar Edge Sunglasses. The Oakley Radar Edge gives athletes an extra edge over the competition. The latest edition to Oakley’s popular toric shield series has a more rounded frame for even better coverage. With a simple silhouette and vibrant colour palette (think Shortcake and Mellow Yellow), these are as beautiful as they are, hard working.


Here’s what you do:

* Film yourself or your friends wishing our athletes good luck – FOR NO MORE THAN 15sec!
Everyone’s got a smart phone these days. Simple. And we mean, keep it simple. No youtube clips, just the raw video.

* Email your ‘HERO VID’ along with your full name to by Friday 27th July – 5pm AEST
Don’t be late. We’re on a strict timeline

* Sit back, relax, and wait to see your video, along with many others in a neat little package, on our website on Tuesday 31st July.
Don’t relax too much. Get excited! It’s the Olympic Games!

* On the same day, look for your name to be announced as the lucky winner.
If not, then there’s always next time.

** Anyone can enter, but you must live in Australia **


Here’s how it’s done…


The women’s race will be on Saturday 4th August at 9am local London time. Which is Saturday 4th August 6pm AEST. We will be having a get together to watch the race here in Melbourne, and hopefully throughout Australia as well. Details to come…



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