At the beginning of April this year, Lisa Gormley, known for her role as Bianca Scott on Home and Away, and her boyfriend, Lachlan Wortman, began a documented journey on their way to their first iron-distance triathlon. Their first stop will be Yeppoon 70.3 on August 19th this year. Chief of, Stef Hanson, will be coaching Lisa in the lead up to Yeppoon and onto her first Ironman next year. The reason for this adventure is to help raise funds for the Millsy Foundation. We briefly caught up with Lisa to ask her a few questions on why she was swapping the high heels and red carpet events for sneakers and 226 kilometers worth of triathlon.

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Why the Milsy foundation?

When you hear stories of those who have suffered serious injury, and have not had the chance to live their lives the way they wish, is a dark place to find yourself in. The Milsy foundation was created to bring awareness to these stories. To help those realise it’s possible to come back from those injuries, not just physically, but mentally, and do great things. Edwar Milner (Milsy) is a fantastic example of this.

The Milsy foundation was created to help aid the recovery of Edward Milner, a very dear friend, and a former sportsperson, facing the difficulties of trying to finance an operation to return his ability to walk, without the use of a leg brace. The Foundation’s main purpose will be to raise awareness and provide support for others with debilitating injuries. To show that through sports rehab and the possibility of new opportunities, anyone can overcome the obstacles of injury. After Milsy’s surgery has been paid for, The Milsy Foundation will start a “Financial Hardship Fund For Injured Athletes”. The Fund will choose worthy candidates that are in desperate need of medical assistance, but are unable to pay. The Fund will be in partnership with the Royal Rehabilition Centre.


What inspired you to choose a half ironman and then in the future, a full Ironman?

It is something I have always watched from a distance and thought, one day there will be a great cause that I will want to do that for. I have always been inspired by the athletes that take part in the Ironman events. They are not all professional athletes, they all have individual stories and personal reasons for taking part. For me it is a journey of personal discovery, a way of learning to respect my mind and body while pushing them to their limits.


How’s your training going?

Training is going well. I really only began training with the great Stef Hanson from five weeks ago (Hmm… I think she wants a big donation from the editor?). It is a strict regime tailored to the amount of time I have. But, in just that time I have seen a dramatic change. Bit by bit, my body is responding and expanding its ability.


What are you finding the hardest to cope with in training?

Having the energy and the time to train to the extent that I need to. Also learning the new skills and techniques required to complete these kinds of distances.


What are you most looking forward to with your triathlon training and racing?

Inspiring others to get involved! I think it’s one of the greatest goals you can set yourself. Also, seeing my mental and physical ability strengthen.


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  1. max king

    Lisa is an amazing young woman..she has a go at most things put in front of her and works at the same time to pay the bills…no matter how she goes she’s having a go.


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