On Tuesday, September 8th, TriEqual launched the Equally Inspiring program. Through the program, forty coaches worldwide have volunteered their time to coach a female triathlete for a three month period. The purpose of the program is to help remove barriers for women in the sport by providing them with quality advice from top coaches – for free.  

Text by Sara Gross, President of TriEqual  |  Lead image by Lucy Piper


The idea for this initiative was born in the mind of Kelly Burns Gallagher and was put into place by a group of TriEqual directors. The beauty of this program is that it has the potential to connect a large number of women across a wide range, from beginners to professional athletes. Growing the number of women in the sport is all about communication, networking and the sharing of knowledge. And the program is scalable, meaning, there is no need to cap the number of volunteer coaches, nor add unnecessary limits or timelines. Individuals will come to the program with their own goals and coach-athlete teams can move forward together as they see fit.

We all know that triathlon has the special ability to inspire people to take on a goal that feels impossible at the outset. From a first sprint, to a full iron-distance, triathlon gets people out of their comfort zones and leaves us feeling invincible when we accomplish our goals. It is this inspirational quality of our sport that makes us want to share that experience. The goal of Equally Inspiring is to set up pathways for women to inspire each other. We will be following the journeys of some of the selected women and sharing them here on Witsup and elsewhere, providing another avenue to inspire and be inspired.

As Hillary (Biscay) said in one of our meetings, Equally Inspiring is for anyone sitting at home thinking: “I really want to try a triathlon, but I don’t know what I’m doing” or “I really want to try a longer distance or go faster but I don’t know how.” If that describes you or someone you know, this could be just the right moment to be Equally Inspiring.

Thinking of applying? For more information on the program please read the official press release. To apply, please fill out the application form by October 12th. To volunteer as a coach, email us at info@triequal.com.



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