UPDATED – We have found a list, but please excuse us if the names haven’t been updated lately… Kate Bevilaqua fills us in on who she knows she will be racing against this Sunday…


Just arrived in CDA and can’t wait! Definitely looking forward to it. Although not the freezing cold water temperatures! The rest will be great though.

I do know that Meredith Kessler is racing, she has had an awesome start to the season, winning St George Ironman, New Zealand (70.3) and recently Eagleman 70.3
Heather Wurtele is racing, top 10 in Kona last year, just lost to Rinny by 15 seconds a few weeks ago in a Rev 3 Half, and looking to solidify her slot to Kona this year.
Sara Gross, from Canada, recently raced Brazil and came 4th, but punctured on the ride, and had to put up with a slow leak the remainder of the ride. Gross is still after an Ironman win, and despite the issues at Brazil, said she was in the best shape of her life leading into the race.
Just to name a few…
30 Heather Wurtele
31 Meredith Kessler
32 Haley Cooper-Scott
33 Christie Sym
34 Jackie Arendt
35 Sara Gross
36 Beth Shutt
37 Amanda McKenzie
38 Trish Deim
39 Stephanie Ossenbrink
40 Kathleen Calkins
41 Kate Bevilaqua
42 Whitney Garcia
43 Rachel Kiers
44 Heather Gollnick

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