Recently selected Olympian and newly announced ambassador for, Emma Jackson, fills us in on all things Olympics. Affectionally known as EJ or Jacko, the Queenslander came from a running/cross country background, and with the guidance of her coach, Stephen Moss, made the switch to triathlon in 2006. In 2010 she became the 2010 World U/23 Champion, and hasn’t looked back.



* Congrats on your recent selection in the Aus Olympic team – when in your career did you first start thinking that you had the potential to represent Australia at the Games? Was there a light bulb moment?

It was always a dream of mine to represent Australia at the Olympic Games however it wasn’t until the 2011 triathlon season that I really believed that it could become possible as soon as 2012 in London.  The light bulb moment would have been in the Hamburg World Championship Series race in July 2011. I finished 2nd behind Emma Moffat, and in front of Emma Snowsill. This race really showed me that I could compete with the best athletes in the world and had the potential to make the Australian Olympic Team.

* What are your plans in the next couple of months in the lead up to the Games? Is there anything in particular that you’ll be working on between now and then?

I have been overseas since the start of May, racing and training. Since the beginning of June I have been in Aix Les Bains, France, which is Triathlon Australia’s European base. This is where I will be situated until we leave for London a few days prior to my race on August 4th. I am currently in the middle of my big training block in the lead up to London and will compete in two sprint distance races between now and then. These are the Pairs French Grand Prix race and Hamburg World Triathlon Series race. What I will be working on until London is ensuring that I turn up on the start line in the best possible shape both physically and mentally.

* A few of your races this year, unfortunately, haven’t gone to plan. Have you spent much time reassessing your approach leading into race day?

Unfortunately a couple of my races this year haven’t gone to plan, but my focus since the end of 2011 has always been the London Olympics in the hope I was selected. I know how I need to approach the days leading into the race, the race itself and I am happy with how my training is going so far. I believe I am on track with my London preparations.

* Will you, Emma and Erin spend much time with each other before the Olympics?

I am not sure of the other girls’ plans leading into the Games, but if they plan on coming to Aix Les Bains to train, then I will be spending a bit of time with them prior to the race.

* Who do you see as the big threats in London?

Everyone! The Olympic Games are normally always so unpredictable as it is such a big event – one race held every four years. A lot of the athletes in the race have a chance of winning, it all depends on how the race unfolds on the day.

* Give us a little insight into how you and your coach Mossy work together. What’s the key to your success?

I have been working with Steve ever since I started triathlon back in 2005. I think the biggest key to our success is being able to have good communication with each other. Trust is also very important as I need to trust that he will give me the training which is best for me and my success. He also needs to trust in me to do the work, and put it all together on race day.

* Where do you see your career going? If you looked back in 20 years time, what do you hope to have achieved?

I would love to one day win the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games and World Championships. Thats not asking much of myself is it?! Having an Olympic, Commonwealth and World Gold medal would be a dream come true, however, I would be happy in 20 years time knowing that I did the best I possibly could in my career and gave everything my all. If that means I win all three gold medals, then thats great, but if it doesn’t, then thats fine also. As long as I know I gave it everything, and never gave up, I would be happy.

* What’s your race morning rituals?

Every race I compete in seems to start at a different time. I have done a race starting at 5:30am, one starting at 6pm and all times in between. If a race isn’t too early in the morning, I like going for an easy jog when I wake up, have breakfast and then wait around in my room until its time to head down to race site.

* and lastly, who would you most like to bump into at the Olympics? Thats a tough question! There are going to be so many great sporting icons at the Olympic Games – I don’t know who to choose. I would love to bump into people like Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt to say that I have met them, but I think I would be too shy to go up and talk to them. I am sure I will be happy to see any athlete I have watched over the years.


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