Austria served up a tight race, with many changes to the lead, and the half marathon deciding who eventually took the honours.

In the unusual split 1.9km swim format, where athletes covered two separate lakes by running 200m between them, Anja Beranek of Germany was the first athlete out of the water (25:40), followed by Simone Braenli and Renate Forstner, all within nine seconds of each other.

Onto the bike course, Beranek held and increased her lead over the other women, clocking up a 2:28:23 bike split. However, the big mover on two wheels was six-time Ironman World Champion, Natascha Badmann. Smashing her way through the field after a 30:03 swim, Badmann came off the bike in second place with the fastest bike split of 2:25:09 – at 45 years of age, Badmann is back and her and her bike, Cheetah, look hungry. Third off the bike was Caroline Steffen, who has had a phenomenal start to the year, but was possibly feeling the effects of some big wins in previous months (Ironman Melbourne and Koh Samui Long Course), followed by the bridesmaid of this race, Erike Csomor, who won here in initial year in 2007, but has finished second three other times since. Yvonne Van Vlerken, one of the race favourites, and previous winners here, suffered a flat tyre and had to withdraw from the race.

Early into the run, the top six women were running within four minutes of each other, which now included Germany’s Sonja Tajsich and Julia Gajer. At the 14km marker, the top four women were now within 1:05 of each other, and Gajer had made her move. Badmann enjoyed a brief time in front, before Gajer hit the lead. In third Csomor was running strong and hunting down Badmann, while Steffen was hanging onto fourth.

Breaking away from the group, Gajer dug deep to cross the line first in a time of 4:23:14. Csomor eventually caught Badmann and claimed second, for the fourth time, just 16secs ahead. Followed by Tajsich and Steffen in fourth and fifth respectively.

NB: In our preview we stated that Badmann would put on an impressive display, but we didn’t think she’d podium. We are extremely happy to eat our words. Phenomenal athlete, for many years. 


Gajer, Julia GER 0:26:40 2:31:20 1:20:22 4:23:14
Csomor, Erika HUN 0:28:42 2:28:20 1:21:58 4:24:08
Badmann, Natascha SUI 0:30:05 2:25:09 1:24:13 4:24:24
Tajsich, Sonja GER 0:31:03 2:26:53 1:22:04 4:25:08
Steffen, Caroline SUI 0:27:30 2:29:31 1:23:32 4:25:35
Crawford, Gina NZL 0:26:40 2:33:00 1:20:24 4:25:48
Beranek, Anja GER 0:25:40 2:28:23 1:29:40 4:28:55
Braendli, Simone SUI 0:25:46 2:34:21 1:26:32 4:32:15
Mullan, Eimear IRL 0:30:41 2:36:18 1:21:11 4:33:29
Schulz, Jenny GER 0:32:59 2:32:40 1:26:18 4:37:03
Fürnkranz, Simone AUT 0:28:34 2:37:06 1:27:49 4:38:57
Kirchler, Irina AUT 0:28:34 2:33:28 1:33:15 4:40:01
Leder, Nicole GER 0:28:39 2:49:56 1:19:27 4:43:04
Zelenkova, Lucie CZE 0:26:06 2:36:23 1:36:48 4:44:16
Helfenschneider-Ofne, Simone AUT 0:33:22 2:37:33 1:28:08 4:44:33
RUDOLF, Michaela AUT 0:31:58 2:36:13 1:31:59 4:45:34
BASSO, Anne FRA 0:28:35 2:42:43 1:29:23 4:46:22
Forstner, Renate GER 0:25:49 2:45:09 1:37:15 4:54:13

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