Last weekend, Kate Bevilaqua spent the morning on the other side of the race track watching others battle it out in the freezing and windy conditions at Boise 70.3. We take a look at last weekend’s race from a spectators point of view.

I have been spending the summer’s in Boise, Idaho the last four years and love it here! I would recommend it to anyone for training, racing or just somewhere different to visit. However, like a lot of races already this year, Mother Nature was going to have a big say in the running of the 70.3 for 2012.

Leading up to the race the days had been gorgeous. A little wind, but nothing crazy or out of the ordinary for this time of the year.

Saturday morning however, it felt like it could have been the middle of winter – there was even snow on the top of Bogus Basin! To give you an idea of the conditions – after arriving back from Hawaii the night before, Guy and I were up early to take part in a special 100 mile cycling event. We met our friend John at 5.30am and were on our way. It was freezing cold, windy and raining –  I didn’t even make  it to the start line before I decided enough was enough. I was shaking so much I could only just control my bike. My fingers and toes were so painful I just wanted stop and get warm. It was home and back to bed.

Boise 70.3 is unique in so many ways; the 12pm start, the split transitions, and the amazing run along the green belt which finishes in the middle of town.

Rumors had been circulating pre-race about the possibility of a swim cancellation due to the cold temperatures. But in the end, while waiting for the swim start, athletes were informed of a shortened bike course from 56 miles to 15 miles due to the strong winds combined with the cold temperatures.

So how was this going change the race? Obviously strong cyclists such as Nikki Butterfield, Linsey Corbin, and Lisa Marangon would probably be disappointed, while the runners would be excited!

After hours in the cold the Pro Women were eventually off and it was no surprise to see Jodie Swallow exit first nearly 2:30mins up on her nearest rivals of Lisa Marangon and Malaika Homo. Another 90 seconds back was a large pack which included the rest of the big players such as Linsey Corbin, Julia Grant, Nikki Butterfield and Sam McGlone.

With the shortened bike course equating to about 22 – 23km there was not going to be much chance to get away. After a small rise out of transition it was a steep decent for 2km, a loop on a footpath under a bridge, then it was time to get aero. Although by then, most athletes had lost all feeling in there fingers and toes! How Cold? Just check out Male Pro Triathlete Trevor Wurtele wearing his wetsuit for for the ride! He wasn’t the only one.

From bike to run, everyone was complaining about running on “stumps” and not being able  to feel there feet! Jodie was maintaining her lead and continuing to look strong after the fastest bike split of under 36 minutes. She was definitely looking the goods. All the action was happening behind her though.

The sun had finally come out and it was perfect running conditions. After warming up during the first lap of the two lap run course, Jodie was in the lead, and Malaika was holding strong in 2nd. But, the big mover was Nikki Butterfield who, with the fastest run split of the day of 1.22, had moved herself into 3rd.

This is how the women would stay all the way to the finish with Julia Grant finishing 4th after her 2nd place in Honu 70.3 the previous weekend, and Linsey Corbin rounding out the top five.

Fellow Aussie Lisa Marangon hung tough in the challenging conditions to finish 6th.

Women’s Results 

1.     Jodie Swallow – 2:29:28

2.     Malaika Homo – 2:31:51

3.     Nikki Butterfield – 2:33:33

4.     Julia Grant – 2:34:25

5.     Linsey Corbin – 2:35:40

6.     Lisa Marangon – 2:36:51

7.     Jennifer Tetrick – 2:37:04

8.     Rachel Challis – 2:39:41

9.     Uli Bromme – 2:42:24

10.  Sam McGlone – 2:42:38

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