This time next week, Home and Away star, Lisa Gormley will have checked her bike into transition, and like many other triathletes will be putting her feet up and relaxing the day before Yeppoon 70.3. This is Lisa’s first triathlon, and she shares with us how her training is going in the lead up, and what she has decided to take on this event. 

WISH LISA LUCK BELOW, and donate on her site:

(plus check out the blooper photo below… Happens to the best of us)



3 Responses

  1. Zoe Markos Twitter- @babyzoex

    Totally Inspired :) <3 woo I will come and watch in melbourne!!

  2. Rose-a-lee Angrisano TWITTER - @rosealeechaxfan

    Wow Lisa, you amazing so inspiring. Good luck Lisa in ‘Completing’ this challge but i believe in you and you have so many other fans how believe and look up too. And i think you will smash it. Yur such a commited women. Lots of love Rose-a-lee hope to meet you one day! @rosealeechaxfan tweet me! :)) <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  3. Garonzatron

    What a brilliant effort!!! Smash it, Gorms!!! What a great energy and a rockin crew behind you. Coundln’t have struck it luckier with having the [Stef] Hansonator behind you!!!

    Can’t wait to watch you dominate in the ‘poon!!! Kill it!!!


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