Texas-EcclesWe caught up briefly with the women who went 1…2… at the Memorial Hermann IRONMAN 70.3 Texas on the weekend. Emma-Kate Lidbury who had an incredibly strong race and took the win after having to pull out of the Oceanside 70.3 (before the race) the week prior due to a dislocated shoulder, and, Kelly Williamson, reigning champion, who came second with another stunning running display. 


You were neck and neck with reigning champ Williamson out of the water and then tore away on the bike. Was it a conscious move to knock out a solid bike knowing the 1:18 runner was right there with you in the swim?

Absolutely! I only entered the race six days beforehand and when I looked at the start list I saw there were some of the fastest runners in the sport due to race. My run is stronger than it’s ever been, but it’s still evolving, so I knew if I wanted to stand a good chance of winning this race I had to ride fast right from the outset. I’ve been swimming with Gerry Rodrigues at Tower 26 since moving to LA in January and knew my swim was in a good place – well, it had been up until the recent shoulder injury! So I was confident of being front pack or thereabouts. I realised it was Kelly I was swimming alongside, so as soon as I rode out of T1 I knew I had some work to do on two wheels. I’ve been riding well recently and knew I was capable of pulling away if I felt good – and I did! My Felt DA1 and Smart ENVE 6.7 wheels were a stellar combination.


With the last minute decision to race in Texas due to having to pull out of Oceanside, were you hungrier for this race? Did it make it a sweeter win?

Definitely. Just a week before this race I was in a pretty bleak place. I’d been swimming faster than I’d ever been before I dislocated my shoulder so I was absolutely devastated – not just about the injury, but because I was ready to put on a good show at Oceanside. Laying in the ER as they put me shoulder back in, and I just kept thinking “But I’m supposed to be racing Oceanside next week!” Then when I realised Texas was the following weekend it made a lot of sense to race there instead. It gave me another eight days to get even more physio on my shoulder and get my head back into race mode after the injury setback. I was definitely hungry for this race and it was, without a doubt, the sweetest of my five Ironman 70.3 titles.


Anything in particular that you’ve been working on of late?

Swimming lots with Gerry! Shoulder rehab :( Run strength. A little bit of everything really to make me a real contender this season.



You and Lidbury were together out of the water, but she flew on the bike – how long could you stay with her on two wheels?

How long could I stay with Emma Kate on the bike? Not for a single second. I mean really, did you see our bike splits? She dropped me like a bad habit – haha!


Your run is a weapon and you moved from 10th out of T2 and into second position. Were you confident you’d be able to tick off those athletes ahead of you?

Ya know of my first three races this year Texas was the first time I have felt like “me” on the run – strong and snappy. About a mile in, I knew my run would likely be good but I just took it one mile, one person at a time. I was happy to have cut the deficit to two minutes, so it was a good note to finish the race on. Can’t win ’em all and I was proud to get second.


photo by Finisherpix

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  1. Brenda Piampiano

    Loved the post-race interviews of these two great athletes and classy ladies. Lots of fans want to support YOUR support of women in triathlon. What can WE do to help YOU make a living from your stellar efforts?

    • Stef Hanson. Chief.

      Hey Brenda! Thanks so much! Really appreciate the kind words.

      What you can do for me is just help spread the word. In time we will get more and more advertisers on the site because of the hard work we’re putting in, so spreading the word helps.

      That is unless you just want to invest and give us money? In that case i’ll send you the bank details :)


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