The women’s triathlon at the London Olympics is going to be tight. So many potential podium finishers… Our WITSUP Ambassadors, Belinda Granger, Elly Franks and Bek Keat weigh in on who they think will be stepping onto the podium this Saturday.

Belinda Granger:

Helen Jenkins – amazing athlete, amazing person…would love to see her on top

Nicola Spirig – has improved so much over the past couple of years and has worked so incredibly hard. Definitely a podium position

Laura Bennett – this is more an emotional pick but I also truly believe that on her day she can sneak onto the podium

* I also think that Erin Densham will be right up there and will also be a certain for the podium.


Elly Franks:

Emma Moffatt – she’s from northern NSW. I’ve known her since we were little tackers doing swimming, surf lifesaving and cross country.

* Erin Densham – she’s Aussie, she rides Giant, she’s got great legs… The end.

Nicola Spirig – I know she’s never a front bunch swimmer and possibly not a favorite, but I was in awe when I saw her running at 3:20 pace in the last 5k of Antwerp 70.3 a week ago. And… That was after spanking the bike leg – respect! Anyone who backs themself enough to go that fast in a 70.3 only 2 weeks out from the Olympics is capable of anything!


Bek Keat:

* Nicola Spririg

* Helen Jenkins

* Laura Bennett

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