Andrea Hewitt continued her explosive start to 2017 when she took out her second consecutive WTS title on the Gold Coast last Saturday.

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After waiting six years to win her second career title in Abu Dhabi last month, the speedy New Zealander wasted no time in racking up her third, sealing it with a tearaway run leg.

“I knew my running was good and that is why I went out at that pace, but you never know how the race is going to go and today I just ran a 5k at my pace and it was good enough to be out in front, so I am really happy,” The 35-year-old said after the win.

“It just all comes down to the training, today my swim and bike wasn’t up there but then I had the legs on the run so that is just how triathlon goes”

Australia’s Ashleigh Gentle finished second in front of a gallant Juri Ide from Japan.

Gentle’s effort was significant as it gained her an automatic nomination for the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

“It feels really good, I guess for me a huge goal of mine moving on from Rio was to one day show up to a one-day race where you have to show up and perform and I did that today so I am really happy.” The bubbly Aussie said.

“Confidence in my run over this distance has let me down in the past. Under new coach Jamie Turner, I have trusted everything he has given me. Leading into this race my confidence was high as I knew I had done some really good work”.

Despite windy conditions and choppy water, the pace was on from the start. A large pack were in close contact with each other out of the water with Carolina Routier leading yet another swim. Emma Jeffcoat led the Aussie charge and was the first Australian onto the bike.

Hewitt was around 30-seconds away, in company with Jodie Stimpson .

It did not take long for the lead and chase pack to re-unite, primarily on the back of some hard work by Stimpson. This left a massive lead group of 30 to enter T2, with a frenzy of athletes looking to get out on the run in a hurry.

Gillian Backhouse was quick on her feet to lead early, with Hewitt close on her heels.

Hewitt then exploded and took the race by the scruff of the neck, never looking back and crossing the line with a beaming smile.

Behind her, Gentle and Ide had spent the bulk of the 5km run shoulder-to-shoulder, but it was the Australian who proved too strong in the finish to claim the silver.

WTS Gold Coast 2017 Results


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