Lisa Roberts made it two victories in a row when she scored an emphatic win at Ironman Louisville on Sunday.Roberts broke the tape 17-minutes ahead of her nearest rival, Lesley Smith, with Nicole Valentine in third place.

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The American also won Challenge Madrid recently and is enjoying a rich vein of form.

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It wasn’t all plain sailing for Roberts with Dede Griesbauer leading the swim in a swift 51:39 ahead of Kaitlin Curbeau and Holly Benner.

Roberts was way back in 14th some 11-minutes away from the lead.

Griesbauer, who was one of the favourites for the race, pressed her claims early and by the 65-mile mark had and 11-minute lead over Kathryn Thomas and Roberts, who had powered her way to third.

Disaster struck at the 85-mile mark for Griesbauer when she suffered three flats in quick succession due to a tear in the rim strip. She was forced to withdraw after looking to be a solid winning proposition.

This turn of events allowed Roberts to claim the lead, entering T2 over five-minutes in front of Thomas, with Smith and Benner both a further four minutes away.

Roberts pulled off yet another sub-three hour marathon to ensure that no one would be able to get anywhere near her.

Smith ran a formidable 3:06:12 to move into second while Valentine came from fifth position off the bike to claim the final step in the dais.

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Ironman Louisville 2017 Results

Roberts, Lisa USA 1:02:40 4:56:45 2:59:09 9:06:06
Smith, Lesley USA 0:55:55 5:13:17 3:06:12 9:23:35
Valentine, Nicole USA 0:59:13 5:12:46 3:11:14 9:29:55
Fillnow, Kelly USA 1:02:23 5:10:25 3:21:43 9:42:09
Shutt, Beth USA 0:59:01 5:16:52 3:22:53 9:46:43
Hardage, Robyn CAN 1:01:54 5:17:12 3:25:09 9:51:43
Paulson, Ashley USA 1:16:13 5:25:07 3:04:24 9:53:14
Benner, Holly USA 0:54:06 5:15:21 3:37:09 9:53:59
Jones, Stephanie USA 1:05:26 5:23:49 3:16:19 9:54:46
Luse, Nicole USA 1:07:07 5:21:45 3:19:27 9:56:34
Curbeau, Kaitlin USA 0:51:44 5:31:04 3:32:19 10:03:54
Thomas, Kathryn USA 0:54:09 5:11:12 3:55:32 10:09:05
Tomenson, Miranda CAN 0:54:39 5:24:10 3:47:03 10:13:39
Gregory, Caroline USA 0:56:46 5:39:25 3:56:31 10:40:43
Cargiulo, Katy USA 1:08:11 5:48:53 3:32:42 10:41:07
Ferreira, Amber USA 0:54:46 5:21:35 4:44:41 11:09:50
Martineau, Caroline CAN 1:05:55 5:37:50 5:09:31 12:02:34
Griesbauer, Dede USA 0:51:39 DNF
Mccoy, Carrie USA 1:14:31 9:22:38 6:08:33 DNF
O’Mara, Kelly USA 0:59:07 DNF


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