In Lisa’s first blog, she fills us in on what’s going on in her head. Well, she prefers to call it ramblings. She jumped at the opportunity to take part in her very first Half Ironman… But now, she’s thinking, “what have I got myself into?”

Saying yes is my job. Another performer, director, designer gives you an offer or an opportunity and you say yes. Always. It’s where creativity comes from and it’s how we change the world. I’m not going to pretend I haven’t had doubts about this journey we are undertaking. The sleepless nights, panic attacks and inappropriate snapping at my man did not go un noticed. I had said yes, as I do, without doing any research. Quickly I discovered just how much we had to do. Not just physically, but organisational.

Swimming. What is more natural than spending a good portion of a couple of hours with your head in a unbreathable place?  In saying that I have always had a true love of the water. Growing up in Adelaide with a pool and many trips to the beach, in my mind, qualified me as a mermaid. But, it has been a very long time since I’ve spent any length of time in a pool – I don’t have a love of public nudity, and the Irish pale skin scares the locals. But, once I worked past the body issues and really started focusing on the technique it has become a very empowering friend of mine.

Riding. Over the last year of becoming a gym junkie, I have become addicted to the classic spin class. Something about the psychedelic fluro paintings on the wall and UV lights, not to mention the killer music, inspires the need to work harder. I see it as a competition of who can look the worse when those lights come back on. Kind of like a good night at a club.

Running. I honestly don’t believe I am physically designed for, bad knees and big breasts don’t inspire the urge to bounce up and down, especially not for hours on end! In saying this, I have always found running holds a primal satisfaction. After all it was designed as our primary means of travel – cars are so overrated!

My fear comes from the unknown. And as my fantastic boyfriend Lachlan quoted to me one day ‘Courage isn’t the absence of fear, rather, bravery in the face of it.”

My inability to predict the outcome of the event worries me. In my field of work, ‘end gaining’ as we call it, can destroy a performance. You must discover and grow through your journey. So far I have learnt that this is a process. It cannot be forced, rushed or faked. I have to train my body and my mind.


Wish me luck. Ill keep you informed! x


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Stef Hanson. Chief.

Chief and founder of WITSUP

Serious about what I do, but don’t take myself too seriously

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5 Responses

  1. Zoe

    Hey Lisa! :) Just read this <3 i love it your doing an amazing job. My inspiration and an inspiration to all of us! Keep it up! your doing great :) , Love you xx

  2. Helen (UK)

    Hey Lisa! What a great first blog …. I’ll be keeping up to date with you’re progress. It’s a great time for me to follow you in your fitness and charity quests…I’m trying to battle through to gain my fitness back after 4 hard years at university (funny enough, I studied sports science) …. Your tweets about the gym etc always inspire me to get up and grab my training gear! My goal is to run the New York marathon in 2 years time, raising money for our local cancer charity after I lost my gran. I’d hope one day to be fit enough to give a triathlon a go :)

    Best wishes xo

  3. Stef Hanson. Chief.

    Stay tuned guys, we’re about to upload a video diary from Lisa – just over a week away from her first half ironman in Yeppoon, QLD.


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