It has finally arrived; the much anticipated Super League triathlon event for women. With our appetites whet from the men-only inaugural event on Hamilton Island, we now turn our attention to Jersey in the U.K for the excitement of this unique format.

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The first day of racing will feature the Triple Mix, which will test athletes’ adaptability to switch-ups to the traditional swim-bike-run order of triathlon and rewards a willingness and ability to go hard from the gun.

The Triple Mix has three stages (swim-bike-run, run-bike-swim, bike-swim-run) and pursuit starts in Stage 2 and 3 that will allow athletes to build a lead from Stage 1 and challenge them to hold onto that lead until the final finish line in Stage 3.

We can expect the second and third stages to test athletes to their maximum with unfamiliar transitions such as swimming after a bike. This could play into the hands of technically strong swimmers such as Carolina Routier and Great Britain’s Lucy Hall.

With a plethora of fatigue, athletes will enter the cauldron of the second day where only the toughest survive.

Known as The Eliminator, three races will whittle the field down to the best of the best. Only the top 15 finishers in Stage 1 will proceed to Stage 2, and of those only the fastest 10 can race Stage 3. Between each stage, the first athlete across the line will have ten minutes to recover, while succeeding athletes will have less time.

There are plenty of highly accomplished athletes in the field but the test of versatility and resilience is sure to spring some surprises.

Nicola Spirig has only recently returned to racing after becoming a mother. She finished 13th at the ITU Grand Final last weekend in Rotterdam, however her career form looks ideal for this event.

Spirig has won both gold and silver at the Olympics and often switches to middle-distance racing with great success. Possibly one of the most versatile and tough athletes going around, Spirig should love Super League.

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Katie Zaferes is ultra consistent and they type of athlete who is strong across all three disciplines. That should help her in the Triple Mix events and put her as a top contender.

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Emma Pallant is a two-time duathlon World Champion who also took out the Aquathlon World Title in Penticton recently. She has been racing over the half-distance, which means her endurance is strong. Pallant also ran her way to the podium at the recent Ironman 70.3 World Championship in Chattanooga a few weeks ago. Look out for Pallant to be strong on the run legs.

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Chilean pocket rocket Barbara Riveros is another who is likely to relish the Super League format. Riveros is as tough as teak and can win over any distance.

Carolina Routier is a super swimmer who has won two ITU events and been on the podium on three occasions. The Rio Olympian should be prominent in some of the Triple Mix events.

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Great Britain’s Jodie Stimpson is armed with a multitude of talent. She has had a fairly average run of luck over the past year and could turn it all around in Jersey.

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Non Stanford has had and interrupted 2017 with injury but is top-shelf material. It will be interesting to see where she is at on her return, but if she is anywhere near her best, look out!

American Kirsten Kasper was consistent all year on the ITU circuit and boasts 11 career podiums in that format. She may well be found bobbing up near the front all weekend.

Super League 2017 – Jersey – Start List

2 Emma Pallant
3 Carolina Routier
4 Taylor Spivey
5 Emmie Charayron
6 Barbara Riveros
7 Rachel Klamer
8 Jodie Stimpson
9 Mariya Shorets
10 Sameera Al Bitar
11 Laura Lindemann
12 Melanie Santos
13 Claire Michel
16 Katie Zaferes
17 Desirae Ridenour
18 Nicola Spirig
22 Emma Jeffcoat
23 Elena Danilova
24 Charlotte McShane
25 Sophie Coldwell
26 Non Stanford
51 Agnieszka Jerzyk
55 Anastasia Abrosimova
91 Kirsten Kasper
92 Lucy Hall
99 Summer Cook


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