Today sees the official launch of the Super League Triathlon, set to make swim, bike and run a sporting spectacle for the viewing masses. It’ll be fast, it’ll be furious, there’s solid coin on the line and it’ll be broadcast live.

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Winding back the clock to the days of the Grand Prix series we saw the best in the business battle it out in different triathlon formats over the short course. Chris McCormack was amongst the top men during these series, and has made it his mission, along with co-founders Michael D’Hulst and Leonid Boguslavsky, to bring back this style of racing which helped put triathlon on the map with its fast and furious racing, top sponsors and live telecasts. “Super League Triathlon is here to bring mainstream attention to triathlon and usher the sport into the big leagues of sport entertainment,” McCormack said.

The series will see the top short course men and women duke it out over the Triple Mix, Equaliser, Eliminator, Enduro or Sprint Pursuit (see full descriptions below), depending on course locations across the Asia-Pacific and the Gulf region. A prize purse of US $1.5 million over the series can be earned by a overall series win, stage wins, swim/bike/run bonuses, time bonuses and athlete incentives.

SUPER LEAGUE TRIATHLON font evolusionTo launch this series, a showcase event is being held on Hamilton Island and will see 25 of the best short course male athletes in the world race across three different formats across three days – Triple Mix (March 17), Equalizer (March 18) and Eliminator (March 19) and will be broadcast live on Fox Sports (Australia), Eurosport (Europe) and across the globe at With the women’s contracts still in negotiations, and some of the top triathletes not being able to commit to the showcase event, including the likes of Gold and Silver Olympic medalists, Gwen Jorgensen and Nicola Spirig who are currently pregnant, plus the limitations on numbers on Hamilton Island, the women’s racing will unfortunately not be part of the showcase event, but will very much be a part of the series with equal opportunity to earn top dollars.

UPDATED: We have spoken again to the Super League Triathlon crew who have been in discussion with many of the women and their official word is “Women’s championship racing will take part in Season 1! We have some of the world’s leading athletes under LOI and we are looking forward to announcing more details about the women’s championship series in the coming months.”

“Of course, we’re expecting the blockbuster clashes between the Brownlees, Gomez and Mola, however, it may not always be at the front of the field. Our race formats also play to the strengths of the standout swimmers, bikers and runners who can destroy the traditional race strategy and lead from the front. And, then there’s the young brigade of super talented athletes like Jake Birtwhistle whose blistering run speed is made for Super League Triathlon racing. These next generation athletes have little regard for reputation and Super League Triathlon is the ultimate platform for them to shake up the establishment,” said McCormack.


The launch of the official series won’t be until later this year and will not clash with the International Triathlon Union’s (ITU) World Triathlon Series, allowing athletes to compete in both series if they wish to do so. Age group athletes can also be involved over the weekend with the introduction of the Super League Triathlon 626 format – a 600m swim, 20km bike and 6km run over the same weekend. Super League Triathlon events will also feature participation opportunities for all with junior events, fun runs and health and lifestyle events as part of the entire weekend of multisport.


To find out more about the Super League Triathlon head to their website.


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Triple Mix: 

A three-round race with a 10-minute break in between rounds, taken from the time the first athlete crosses the finish line in the previous round. In round one athletes will complete a swim-bike-run sequence. In round two athletes will run-bike-swim and in round three athletes will bike-swim-run. The winner of Triple Mix is determined by the athlete with the lowest accrued time over the three rounds.


A two-part race with part one comprising an individual time trial (cycling) and part two comprising a continuous swim-run-swim-bike-run sequence. The tough individual time trial course rewards the strong cyclists. Any time lost by an athlete in the part-one individual time trial is served as a penalty in part two of Equalizer. The winner is the first athlete across the finish line in part two.


A three-round race with a 10-minute break in between rounds, taken from the time the first athlete crosses the finish line in the previous round. Athletes will complete a swim-bike-run sequence in each round. Athletes finishing in 16th place and above in round one are eliminated. Athletes finishing in 11th place and above in round two are eliminated. The final ten athletes will race in round 3 with the winner of Eliminator being the first athlete across the finish line in Round 3.


A race for the endurance athlete with a continuous swim-bike-run-swim-bike-run-swim-bike-run sequence. The winner of Enduro is the first athlete across the finish line upon completion of the entire race sequence.

Sprint Pursuit:

A two-part race with part one being an individual time trial over a swim-bike-run format (Sprint). Part two is a Pursuit, a continuous swim-bike-run-swim-bike-run sequence. Athletes are awarded a start time slot in the Pursuit based on their finish position in the Sprint. The Pursuit will commence twenty (20) minutes after the last finisher of the Sprint. The first place finisher in the Sprint receives a seven-second head start in the Pursuit over the second place finisher in Sprint. Athletes ranked two-to-five in the Sprint start the Pursuit in 5 second intervals (in order of their Sprint finish position) and all finishers finishing 6th position and above in the Sprint will start Pursuit at further 3 second intervals in the order that they finished in the Sprint. This will be a great opportunity to get involved in racing and then supporting the cream of the crop.


If you have never watched this style of racing, check out this one of the many videos from the Grand Prix days.


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  1. jane anderson

    so no women. Reasons given include:

    they were all pregnant
    they will have their own series
    we will invite them to the next event
    and now: not enough room at the inn.

    Surprised that we haven’t heard “there weren’t any women’s toilets”.

    No women in any of their badging. The closest yet is the picture on this page with women in it.

    Tell me again how there is equal representation in this sport?
    And remind me why women would want to join triathlons?

    yeah, a lot of people are sitting back and watching this.

    Remember how they used to exclude women from marathon running? Yeah we thought this sort of BS was well and truly over.


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