We had 40 applications for the inaugural Witsup.com Scholarship Ambassador Program, and we were blown away with the caliber of entries, and the passion and enthusiasm that hit our inbox over the last couple of months. After a week of deliberations, some background work and an analysis on how well each athlete met our criteria, we narrowed the 40 applicants down to a shortlist of 8.

Each person was asked to fill in an online application and submit a video as well. Athletes were largely judged on their written applications, and weren’t judged on their technological skills, per say, when it came to the video, but more so on the message and the effort they put into their videos.

The winner will be announced this Friday, but for now, we’ve grabbed a few quotes from each of the final 8’s applications, and show you their ‘Steven Spielberg’ moments. In alphabetical order, we’d like to introduce you all to our final 8.




Queensland, 40-44, long course

“The whole adrenalin inducing thought of competing in a triathlon gets you out of bed and training.”

“Turning around in the water at the start of my first Ironman in Port Macquarie to see Tony Abbott standing there with his ears OUTSIDE of his swim cap rates as a favourite moment… Well one of the most amusing anyways!”




Queensland, Under 23s, short course

“My long term goal is to do what every athlete dreams of – Olympics”

“Demonstrating my love and understanding for the sport will help encourage people to have a go.”





NSW, 18-24, long course
“With some extra work I may look at gaining a professional license”

“I am passionate about promoting women in sport… triathlons are a great way to keep fit, meet new people, travel to amazing places and have fun.”





NSW, 30-34, short course/long course

“I sold my wedding dress to buy my first bike. I spent more on my current bike than I did on my car. I was the social secretary and general debauchery instigator of my uni swim team. I set up and ran a fitness group for my girlfriends to raise money for a domestic abuse charity when I ran the London Marathon.”

“Recognising the difference sport can make to someone is something that I am passionate about.”





NSW, 18-24, short course/long course

“A favourite moment would be my mother qualifying for Hawaii… She managed to win her age group at Port Macquarie. It was very inspiring and we are so happy to be competing together.”

“My main goal this year is to finish top 10 of the 18-24 age group in Hawaii.”





QLD, 24yo, short course

“I feel like I can connect with the future generation of female triathletes. I understand why so many females drop out of sport going through high schools and I want to change those statistics.”

“I have loved the last 11 years of competing in triathlons… I was a competitive swimmer looking for something new and exciting to do without sacrificing the years of time looking at the black line.”





Queensland, 40-44, short course

“There is obviously a massive opportunity to get more women to enter the sport, but retaining them is also a challenge.”

“I like to think I am a triathlete with an edge. I have the usual triathlete qualities – dedication, passion, commitment, obsession and tenacity… I get an endorphin rush signing up to my next event, mixing my favourite smoothie and researching fatty acid oxidation physiology – is that normal?”





Queensland, 25-29, long course

“The explosion of women’s triathlon shows how the average woman wants to live an inspired life. I’ve learnt that this journey is not about keeping up but growing inside and out”

“While organising a cross country run at my school, I took Zane, a year three student with cerebal palsy and ran him through the course. Every year, other teachers walked Zane in his wheel chair. Zane wanted to run it. Seeing his face as we crossed the finish line will be in my mind forever.”




We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for sending in their applications. They were just outstanding, and we were overwhelmed with the response and the support. There will be plenty of other opportunities to come for those who missed out in other programs, and of course again next year.


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19 Responses

  1. Amanda steer

    What a group of ridiculously inspiring chicks! Feel for the judges! My mate kacey willoughby is a gun and all round top chick. Someone i’m fortunate to have as my friend. All the best to you top 8

  2. Tegan Burr

    Go Kacey!! Can’t think of anyone more deserving, you’re a true inspiration.

  3. Peta Hinchliffe

    Wow, you are all so inspiring! I recently got into cycling and am aiming to compete in some beginner style Duathlon events. It is women like yourselves that make others want to do their personal best and achieve their goals no matter how big or small. Good luck to all of you finalists and keep up the hard work because you are all truly sensational athletes! xo

  4. Jacqui Pennings

    Kacey you video gave me goosebumps! You go girl, couldn’t think of anyone more dedicated and deserving :)

  5. Holly Grice

    JENNA FULTON! so deserving, amazing girl. would be lost with her support and friendship. I hope she wins!!

  6. TraceyBaker

    Go Kace! You surely deserve to win this scholarship. You always put in 100% and always achieve great results. Good luck.

  7. Lachlan Grant

    Go grace, such a motivational person.. She would be perfect for this!!

  8. Catherine

    Loved watching all the videos. What an amazing/inspiring bunch of women. All the best to the judges – can’t wait to see the results. x

  9. Stef Hanson. Chief.

    Wow! Great responses from the crowd. We may have to crown a “People’s Champion” as well!

  10. Jodi

    Kacey (aka miss willoughby) you not only got me into being health and fit but you have the next generation wanting to do what ‘Miss Willoughby’ does. the females (young and old) around you are realising that anything is possible when u put in the effort. You are a wonderful inspiration and I can not think of a more deserving of this wonderful opportunity to continue your dream.

  11. Casey Kelly

    Goodluck to all 8 finalists (& judges)! Kacey Willoughby is not only a top chick but a true inspiration to everyone who knows her. She is dedicated, determined & truly deserving of this role as you can see in her video. Good luck Kace (aka Miss Willoughby). :-)

  12. Craig Lamb

    Good Luck Kacey you would be a great ambassador . I’ve seen you grow as a person over last few seasons and you’ve come to realise that while results are a great reward for the dedication, time and effort spent ,it’s more about the people you meet,the lives you touch and the inspiration you give to people with your positive approach and attitude
    Well done on getting to this point in the process.

  13. Joanne Colja

    Well done Heidi,great work that you made it to the final, you deserve it, so good luck!!!

  14. Elyza

    Kacey Willoughby you are amazing! Congratulations, couldn’t go to a more deserving person and athlete! xxx


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