Colourful graphics, clean lines, integrated storage and hydration; these are just a few of the features of the striking Avow Advanced Pro 0 from Liv. Not only is the Avow a stunning bike to look at – the wow factor – it’s also ground-breaking because it’s (what Liv claims) the first truly women’s specific triathlon bike. Below I will run through its key features, how it rides, briefly touch on the model line-up of the Avow range and the changes that I’ve witnessed moving from the traditional Giant Trinity, over to the women’s specific Liv Avow.

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The Avow isn’t just a men’s bike with a few changes to the components, some pink on the frame and renamed a women’s specific bike. Rather, the Avow boasts a number of features (some of which are shared with the Trinity from Liv’s brother company, Giant) that put this bike in a league of its own when it comes to a triathlon bike suited for women. Race-ready straight out the box, highlights of the Avow Advanced Pro 0 include:

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  • Women’s-Specific Frame

The frame uses AeroSystem Shaping Technology and features an Advanced-grade composite layup tuned for the female rider sizes and weights, that helps keep bike weight low. Each tube is shaped to optimise and deliver superior aerodynamic performance.


  • Wider Range of Adjustability

The simplified cockpit configuration fits a wider range of riders easily, while the components allow for an appropriate range of adjustability. Fit is so important when it comes to being comfortable and strong on a bike – so regardless of what bike you choose as your next machine, get a proper fit.



  • Aero Vault System

Integrated front hydration, top tube storage box, and integrated rear brake fairing. The Aero Vault System helps keep all the essentials within reach, during training or race-day.



  • AeroDrive Plus Ergonomic Tri Composite Base Bar

The narrow width specific base-bar delivers aerodynamic performance and has been designed to match women’s hands and riding style, for superior comfort and control.



  • AeroDrive Composite Wheels

High-performance Giant SLR 1 Aero wheel system which are great for racing and strong enough for everyday riding. Just keep in mind that when you’re riding wheels with deeper rims (e.g. 55mm of the SLR 1 Aero) you’ll need to carry tubes with a longer valve or valve extender. 


Pro triathlete Radka Vodickova at Noosa Tri 2016

How it rides

I’ve been lucky enough to be riding the Avow Advanced Pro 0 since April this year; and can attest the bike’s performance on the road is as good as its stunning looks.

I noticed instantly the improved comfort and handling when riding the Avow compared with (my previous triathlon bike) the 2013 Giant Trinity Advanced SL0 – which I loved as it felt super stiff and fast. Liv has taken these features of the Trinity and created a triathlon bike I feel more comfortable riding in a range of conditions. The frame geometry of the Avow has allowed me to get a great fit; while riding in the aero position or on the base-bar. As a result of the improved fit and comfort, I feel as though I can stay in the aero position for longer and I can descend with more confidence.


The brake system on the Avow is an improvement from my Trinity. With the Giant SpeedControl brakes paired with the supplied carbon specific pads and SLR 1 aero wheels I have the confidence that I will be able to stop the Avow when I need to. I also feel more comfortable riding this bike in wet conditions, something I was always cautious about whilst on the Trinity. I feel as though the Avow brake set-up outperforms any that I’ve ridden previously on a triathlon bike (with carbon brake surface rims).

The electronic shifting on a triathlon bike makes it effortless to use whilst in the time-trial position, down on the aero bars. It’s much easier to simply press a button to change gears, rather than reach and twist a lever at the end of the aero bar extension. With electronic shifting there’s also access to adjusting gears on the base bar, which is very handy when in group riding situations (when riding on the aero bars is a no-no!), hill climbing or riding through technical sections. Once again giving the rider more confidence when handling this machine.


The take home message

Traditionally, I’ve baulked at “female specific products,” because of the typical ‘pink it and shrink it’ idea of what a women’s product was. I was also wary of moving from Giant Trinity over to the Liv Avow, because I was comfortable on the Trinity. But what I’ve learnt about the Avow and spending months riding on it, is that I couldn’t be happier with the transition to this women’s specific bike.

The model line-up

In addition to the top line Avow Advanced Pro 0 reviewed here; in Australia, there are also 2 other models in the Avow line-up:

  • Avow Advanced Pro 1, and
  • Avow Advanced.

All three models are available in XS, S and M sizes with women’s specific geometry.

Specifications may vary from country to country, so jump on to the Liv website and select your country or region to check out the Avow models and the rest of the Liv range.


Fair to say that Michelle Bond is pretty happy with what was left under her Christmas tree last year.

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Wendy McAlpine
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Former pro triathlete now finding new challenges in the multisport and adventure racing scene.

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  1. Naomi Milne


    I am trying to figure out the best way to set up my Avow cockpit as I have the 2016 version and just very happily received the redesigned front end and top tube tucker box (known as the camels moot at my house). Might be worth letting ladies know that if they invested in the 2016 version they can swap over and as a bounce I received a free transition bag.
    So now I am trying to switch from having a water bottle cage on my bars with Garmin mounted on top back to the integrated hydration bottle and have no idea how to now mount my Garmin. I have an XS frame so there isn’t much space to place with. Have you see or got any suggestions to set this girl up?

    Cheers Naomi.


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