Everyday is Women’s Day here at Witsup, but today, the rest of the world celebrates with us. 


In triathlon, we have countless women to celebrate, from age groupers who do extraordinary things to the great champions who push boundaries and uphold the spirit of the sport we love.

Amoung those amazing women we often remember Julie Moss, Erin Baker, Sister Madonna Buder and Paula Newby Fraser. In more recent years we think of Natasha Badman, Chrissie Wellington and Mirinda Carfrae. The women in our sport have pushed through percieved limitations both on and off the playing field. Think of how the level of female competition has increased as a result of Chrissie’s prowess and Rinny’s magically fast feet!


Countless women have benefitted from the lifestyle and communities we gain through participation in triathlon. We compete on a level playing field with the men and we always have since the beginning.


Off the race course, many triathletes have stood up and done the right thing when situations of inequality have arose over time, from Erin Baker’s boycott to the ITU’s unmoveable views on equal prize money and opportunities for women. As female triathletes we have a lot to be proud of.


However, there is still one issue to be reolved. At the Ironman World Championship in Kona Hawaii, and the 70.3 World Championships, a situation of unequal opportunity persists. The male pros are offered 50 qualifying spots for these races while the female pros are offered 35. Witsup would like to invite each and every one of you to support women in triathlon by respectfully asking the World Triathlon Corporation and its CEO Andrew Messick to make the change to 50 women and 50 men. The WTC has been asked privately on many occassions to consider this change and requests have been denied. Hence, we ask for YOUR support.


In honour of International Women’s day and in the days that follow please show your support by tweeting the request for 50 women to Kona using the hashtag #50womentokona. To follow us online, please follow @50womentokona on twitter or find our community page on Facebook – 50womentokona.


Every voice is important, and now is the time to speak up!


As we celebrate the great women who have gone before us, lets follow the example set by Sarah Springman. Current VP of the International Triathlon Union, the 1st European Ironman Champion and one of the original voices for equality in our sport. Thank you to Sarah for the above video.



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  1. Karen Smyers

    Well said, Sarah! One of the things I have always loved about triathlon from the early days was the gender equality (at least compared to many other sports). The unequal allocation of spots to pro men and women in Hawaii since WTC introduced the ranking system is a huge step backward. This needs to be changed THIS year.

  2. Sarah Springman

    I was just emulating your Video that was sent as an eloquent example to encourage us to take action…! I have never understood why an extra 15 places would be so impossible for WTC to provide. It really lets our Sport, and more importantly our elite women triathletes, down.

    • Stef Hanson. Chief.
      Stef Hanson. Chief.

      Sarah – we are truly honoured that we could share your thoughts on witsup and help spread the word. Thank you.


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