This weekend was the last chance for pro athletes to qualify for the Ironman World Championship set to take place on October 14, 2017. There were seven spots still available after the July cut off, so who made the final August cut? This is the unofficial list, but barring any athletes declining their spot, or, Meredith Kessler wanting to race whilst pregnant, we can assume we will see these 40 pro women (35 plus five automatic qualifiers) on the start line on the Big Island in eight weeks. 

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Take a closer look at the 2017 Ironman World Champion Qualifiers and ranks

1 Daniela Ryf CHE
2 Sarah Crowley AUS
3 Kaisa Sali FIN
4 Sarah Piampiano USA
5 Heather Jackson USA
6 Michelle Vesterby DNK
7 Susie Cheetham GBR
8 Anja Beranek DEU
9 Michaela Herlbauer AUT
10 Linsey Corbin USA
11 Elizabeth Lyles USA
12 Rachel Joyce GBR
13 Annabel Luxford AUS
14 Laura Siddall GBR
15 Jodie Robertson USA
16 Carrie Lester AUS
17 Lucy Charles GBR
18 Astrid Stienen DEU
19 Alexandra Tondeur BEL
20 Camilla Pedersen DNK
21 Åsa Lundström SWE
22 Corinne Abraham GBR
23 Maja Nielsen DNK
24 Kristin Moeller DEU
25 Sonja Tajsich DEU
26 Dimity-lee Duke AUS
27 Mareen Hufe DEU
28 Gurutze Frades ESP
29 Lauren Brandon USA
30 Alicia Kaye USA
31 Diana Riesler DEU
32 Melissa Hauschildt AUS
33 Céline Schärer CHE
34 Katharina Grohmann DEU
35 Jocelyn Mccauley USA
36 Tine Holst DNK
37 Haley Chura USA
38 Nikki Bartlett GBR
39 Jeanne Collonge FRA
40 Leanda Cave GBR


Automatic Qualifiers – A closer look

AQ 1 Daniela Ryf IM World Champ 5year Rule (2016, 2015) + 2017 IM African Champion
AQ 2 Leanda Cave IM World Champ  5year Rule (2012)
AQ 3 Sarah Crowley 2017 IM Asia/Pacific Champ + 2017 IM European Champ
AQ 4 Susie Cheetham 2017 IM South American Champ
AQ 5 Jodie Robertson 2017 IM North American Champ

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