Winter is hard for everyone. Even those up North who haven’t witnessed a stretch of single Celsius digits. Despite your passion for the sport and your long term goals, motivation can most definitely take a dive for a period of time over the colder months. So here’s 10 tips and tricks to help you keep things ticking over. Remember, a coffee after sessions in the winter tastes so much better.


1. Work on your form – Take a specialist class or attend a workshop.

2. Compete in some fun runs/ trail runs.

3. Build up your long run miles – gradually.

4. Go a bit slower and concentrate on your technique.

5. Ride with a less experienced friend – they are often the keen ones that will help you find the motivation to get out the door in winter.

6. Try an indoor workout.

7. Run your long runs to your aerobic max heart rate – to build your aerobic base.

8. Mix up your workouts – be sure to add in some socialising!

9. Start a good habit – (eg) stretch after workouts.

10. Plan your next goal – even setting goals can be motivating.

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