A bevy of half and olympic distance racing took place over the weekend with a blend of up-and-comers and experienced athletes breaking the tape.

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Roy Runs Them Down In Cozumel

Text By Laura Siddall

Stephanie Roy is proving her decision to turn pro this year was the right one, taking her second professionalwin at Ironman 70.3 Cozumel, with Leanda Cave in second and Svenja Thoes in third.

Kelsey Withrow led out the swim with Cave right behind, with a two minute lead to Roy, who exited in fifth. On the bike former World Ironman and 70.3 Champion Cave took charge and led out onto the run, but she was not able to hold off Roy on the run, who came through to take the win.

Name Country Finish
Roy, Stephanie CAN 4:18:47
Cave, Leanda GBR 4:21:45
Thoes, Svenja DEU 4:25:00
Brown, Christen USA 4:33:57
Basso, Anne FRA 4:35:19
Cameto, Sarah USA 4:37:28
Schoenfeld, Daniela GTM 4:42:09
Schoenfeld Rabanales, Barbara GTM 4:44:20
Leiggi, Heather USA 4:48:33
Andresen, Julie NOR 5:04:17
Komander, Ewa POL
Withrow, Kelsey USA
Smith, Sierra USA

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True Breaks Through In Augusta

Text By Laura Siddall

Sarah True took her first win over the 70.3 distance atIronman 70.3 Augusta , off the back of her fourth place at Ironman 70.3 World Championship. Gurutze Frades finished in second and another new pro Alissa Doehla in third.

True led out the water, by about 40-seconds to a chase pack of seven women, led by Laura Matthews and including Mel Mcquaid, Alycia Hill, Emma-Kate Lidbury, Sierra Snyder, Doehla and Julie Patterson. Frades exited the water in 12th a further two minutes back from that pack, but with Cecilia Davis-Hayes.

Over the course of the bike the lead changed. Mcquaid caught True and headed the race for a while, before Davis-Hayes powered through the field with the fastest bike split of the day to enter transition just ahead of Mcquaid and True. Frades was a further minute back with another minute back to Doehla.

On the run and, much as she had done in Chattanooga a few weeks ago, True ran herself through the field, and in this case to the front of the race, to take her first win over this distance, proving she’s definitely going to be one to watch (and difficult to beat) over the coming year.

Frades and Doehla also ran their way to respectively finish second and third with Davis-Hayes finishing in fourth.


Ironman 70.3 Augusta 2017 Results

Name Country Rank Swim Bike Run Finish
True, Sarah USA 1 0:22:18 2:22:42 1:22:34 4:11:23
Frades, Gurutze ESP 2 0:25:00 2:20:50 1:25:47 4:16:03
Doehla, Alissa USA 3 0:23:05 2:23:50 1:25:32 4:16:27
Davis-Hayes, Cecilia USA 4 0:25:03 2:19:31 1:29:13 4:18:01
Valentine, Nicole USA 5 0:24:09 2:23:48 1:27:31 4:20:04
Hill, Alycia USA 6 0:23:00 2:26:20 1:26:51 4:20:26
Mcquaid, Melanie CAN 7 0:22:59 2:21:57 1:33:47 4:22:42
Shutt, Beth USA 8 0:24:37 2:26:21 1:29:09 4:24:33
Jones, Stephanie USA 9 0:25:45 2:26:45 1:29:42 4:26:36
Snyder, Sierra USA 10 0:23:03 2:30:07 1:31:53 4:29:36
Higgins, Brittany USA 11 0:24:05 2:26:51 1:38:02 4:33:27
Sanjana, Frankie GBR 12 0:25:37 2:27:41 1:36:25 4:35:11
Lidbury, Emma Kate GBR 14 0:23:01 2:25:47 1:47:38 4:41:03
Mathews, Laura USA 15 0:22:57 2:31:23 1:42:42 4:41:42
Patterson, Julie USA 17 0:23:06 2:30:24 1:47:54 4:45:27

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Rampaging Roberts Runs To Madrid Victory

Text By Laura Siddall

It was third time lucky with the weather for Lisa Roberts, as the sun beamed down and Roberts shone, taking victory at Challenge Madrid. Roberts last two races have been in incredibly cold and wet conditions, so she was relishing the Spanish sun and heat, as well as the hilly bike course playing to her strengths.

Gabriella Zelinka led out the water closely followed by Yvette Grice and Dolca Olle Gatell. Sofie Goos was not too far behind but Roberts found herself seven minutes adrift.

Goos soon took the lead on the bike, with Zelinka trying to stay in touch, but Roberts was gradually eating away at the lead. She took the lead with about 15km to go and had a four-minute buffer by the time she started the run. It was always going to be hard to beat her from here.

Roberts was able to put in another sub three-hour marathon to take the win almost at the end 20-minutes ahead of Zelinka who had moved back into second at the end of the bike and ran comfortably in this position, Goos finished in third a further 20-minutes away.

It’s been a pretty good season for Roberts, since coming over to Europe to work with Brett Sutton, and always good to finish on a high with a win in Madrid. Roberts will now head back to the USA and will race Ironman Louisville before the end of the year.

Challenge Madrid 2017 Results

Dor Participante Time Swim FBici C1 C2 C3 C4
40 LISA ROBERTS 9:34:51 1:10:23 6:36:53 6:59:46 7:38:56 8:18:58 8:59:56
41 GABRIELLA ZELINKA 9:53:42 1:03:03 6:40:13 7:03:14 7:44:37 8:27:39 9:12:43
31 SOFIE GOOS 10:12:12 1:03:30 6:41:27 7:05:42 7:49:09 8:34:44 9:23:50
32 ERIKA CSOMOR 10:43:42 1:07:58 7:10:29 7:37:48 8:22:16 9:08:53 9:58:31
34 DOLÇA OLLÉ GATELL 10:54:16 1:03:10 6:59:36 7:26:49 8:15:49 9:08:22 10:05:15
37 YVETTE GRICE 11:00:28 1:03:04 7:18:30 7:44:22 8:29:49 9:18:12 10:12:02
35 CARLA VAN ROOIJEN 11:21:37 1:23:32 7:40:00 8:10:50 8:58:51 9:48:08 10:38:10
38 JANA CANDROVA 11:42:12 1:13:41 7:29:38 7:59:21 8:51:03 9:47:33 10:49:03
39 Mª TERESA MARTÍNEZ BAUTISTA 12:28:19 1:20:59 7:55:15 8:27:07 9:23:48 10:26:55 11:31:09
43 VANESSA PEREIRA DNF 1:11:27 7:27:21 7:53:45 8:39:59
33 MONICA FALGUERAS VELLAZQUEZ DNF 1:17:18 7:35:38 8:04:50 8:55:06 9:52:12


Evergreen Goertz Turns Back The Clock

Text By Laura Siddall

Beate Goertz was considering Challenge Family Iskandar Puteri being her last race as a Pro, stating “too old and too slow” (Goertz is 49) but after taking the win, she may reconsider.

Laurel Wassner led out the swim with Kathryn Haesner in second, and a bigger gap back to Anna Eberhardt and Goertz.

Wassner went to work on the bike extending her lead, as the other three women grouped up together initially, but soon Goertz broke away and reeled in Wassner by T2.

With changing weather conditions from near perfect at the start of the day to then torrential rain and wind, which drastically cooled the temperature, there was also lots of change in the race once on the run.

Goertz continued to stretch her lead and Eberhardt caught and moved past Wassner. With 8km to go, Goertz had about a three-minute lead and, whilst Eberhardt was running a little quicker Goertz, she held on to take the win.

Eberhardt finished in second while Kathryn Haesner caught Wassner to move into the final podium spot.


Challenge Iskandar Puteri 2017 Results

Time Swim Bike Run
Beate Goertz 4:29:33 0:33:39 2:17:55 1:37:58
Anna Eberhardt 4:32:13 0:33:42 2:22:30 1:35:59
Kathryn Haesner 4:37:05 0:28:17 2:30:40 1:38:06
Lauren Wassner 4:41:45 0:26:47 2:24:52 1:50:05

Goss Escapes To Victory Again

Text By Rob Sheeley

Lauren Goss returned to the winner’s circle with another win at an Escape Series Event, this time the Lake Geneva Escape Triathlon.

The Boulder based athlete took the race by three-minutes from Sarah Haskins and Kristen Marchant.

“This was one of my favorite Olympic distance races,” Goss said after the race.

“The run reminded me of the beginning of the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon run, it was really tough.

“I’ve loved the Escape Series. The locations are awesome and it’s good to have competitive Olympic distances races on the schedule. I’m already looking forward to next year!”

Lake Geneva Escape Triathlon 2017 Results

1 – Lauren Goss 2:04:30

2 – Sarah Haskins 2:07:47

3 – Kristen Marchant 2:11:28

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