The weekend saw some terrific racing with a continued dominance and two absolute nail-biters providing the entertainment. In Malaysia it was the fourth year of a dynasty, while both Los Cabos and Xiamen saw less than 15-seconds separate the first two athletes across the line.

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The Diana Dynasty Continues In Malaysia

Text By Laura Siddall

Diana Riesler proved once again she is Queen of Langkawi with her fourth consecutive win at Ironman Malaysia and at the same time claiming the course record by just under two minutes. She has been dominant in her performance at this race over the years and showed again that it’s a race and course that suits her strengths and she will always be tough to beat here.

Riesler was likely to see tough competition from Mareen Hufe. Hufe was second in 2016, and coming off a great 11th place in Kona had the potential to upset Riesler’s reign, but she was unable to match Riesler’s dominance on the Malaysian bike course, so had to settle for second again in 2017. Manon Genet rounded out the podium in third.

Laurel Wassner led out the water, followed 90-seconds later by Spain’s Saleta Castro. Reisler, Hufe and Genet then followed in a pack a further 40-seconds or so back. However, Reisler revels in this bike course and constantly rides around five hours, this year dipping under to ride a 4:57:48, which was seven and a half minutes quicker than the rest of the women and gave her this lead onto the run. Hufe started the run in second but was unable to eat into the Riesler lead. The two women ran pretty much identical times, which meant they remained in first and second throughout the run.

Saleta Castro had the quickest run of the day, but just ran out of road to grab the last podium spot from French athlete Manon Genet. Having started the run in fifth, some eleven-and-a-half minutes down from Genet (who had started the run in third), Castro ran well but was just two minutes shy in the end, having to settle for fourth spot, from Genet in third.

Ironman Malaysia  2017 Results

Name Country Rank Swim Bike Run Finish
Riesler, Diana DEU 1 0:57:39 4:57:48 3:19:18 9:19:01
Hufe, Mareen DEU 2 0:57:44 5:05:19 3:19:27 9:27:23
Genêt, Manon FRA 3 0:57:47 5:07:59 3:26:33 9:36:14
Castro Nogueira, Saleta ESP 4 0:56:59 5:20:23 3:16:26 9:38:36
Edwards, Parys GBR 5 1:03:15 5:13:24 4:00:51 10:21:33
Li, Shiao-Yu TWN 6 1:07:42 5:32:37 3:43:30 10:29:44
Wassner, Laurel USA 7 0:55:31 5:32:40 4:07:18 10:40:45
Diawuoh, Annabel DEU DNS
Mack, Danielle USA 1:03:16 5:33:52 DNF

Sizzling Seymour Scorches Home In Los Cabos

Text By Rob Sheeley

Jeanni Seymour returned to the top of the dais in style with a thrilling victory at Ironman 70.3 Los Cabos on Sunday. The South African speedster overcame a setback and stormed home on the run to claim victory by just 31-seconds from Angela Naeth with Carrie Lester three minutes back in third place.

The win is Seymour’s fifth half-distance title for 2017 and the continuation of some sensational form.

As expected, it was Lauren Brandon who led the swim comfortably, with over a minute lead over Lindsey Jerdonak and another 40-seconds back to Sheila Teleaven. Seymour was fifth out of the water 2:35 off the lead while Naeth was almost five minutes away from the front of the race.

Brandon showed the way for a large portion of the bike and was still over a minute in front with just 16km left to ride. However, a barnstorming ride from Canada’s Rachel McBride saw her move to the front with Naeth late in the leg. Jerdonek made her way into third with Brandon dropping back to fourth.

Drama struck for Seymour when she received a five-minute drafting penalty on the bike. After working herself into the race, this now meant that she would need to make up a huge chunk of time over the 21.1km gallop.

Naeth wasted little time in moving to the front early in the run and looked a very good winning chance. After 5km she still had a five-minute ascendency on Seymour who was back in sixth place.

At the half-way point of the run, Naeth had broken away from her rivals, but Seymour loomed large. The South African had erased almost four-minutes from the deficit and appeared to be the only danger to the winning hopes of Naeth.

By the 15km mark, the gap had been whittled down to a mere 30-seconds and by 18km the race was all but in the keeping of Seymour.

Naeth pulled out all stops to try and maintain the lead but Seymour was simply too good, securing a tight victory in grand style. Her half-marathon of 1:22:07 was over four-minutes quicker than her nearest rival.

Naeth’s second was another indicator that she is back to her best and ready to win again very soon.

Lester produced the third fastest run of the day to earn the final spot on the podium and continue her successfully 2017.

Ironman 70.3 Los Cabos 2017 Results

Seymour, Jeanni ZAF 0:27:39 2:25:42 1:22:07 4:18:23
Naeth, Angela CAN 0:29:44 2:19:11 1:26:24 4:18:36
Lester, Carrie AUS 0:27:47 2:22:41 1:27:30 4:21:20
Mcbride, Rachel CAN 0:27:43 2:21:07 1:30:43 4:22:50
Jerdonek, Lindsey USA 0:26:13 2:24:10 1:32:26 4:25:54
Johann, Carly USA 0:32:36 2:25:17 1:31:48 4:33:19
Corachan, Judith ESP 0:27:42 2:30:55 1:32:36 4:34:23
Moench, Skye USA 0:30:58 2:29:31 1:32:03 4:36:23
Wiens, Kyra USA 0:29:57 2:33:18 1:34:00 4:40:54
Mathews, Laura USA 0:29:17 2:34:11 1:37:03 4:44:02
Brandon, Lauren USA 0:25:04 2:25:01 1:58:55 4:52:38
Treleaven, Sheila CAN 0:26:56 2:47:41 1:35:24 4:54:12
Vantassel, Amy USA 0:34:28 2:48:46 1:34:49 5:02:05
Perr, Sara USA 0:31:55 2:51:58 1:41:11 5:09:09
Avelar, Christine USA 0:29:47 2:43:58 2:08:36 5:27:08
Perez, Cecilia MEX 0:27:39 DNF
Poblete, Maria Luz CHL 0:28:40 DNF


Mullan Back From The Brink To Win In China

Text By Rob Sheeley

Ireland’s Eimear Mullan put a long period of injury behind her with a thrilling win at Ironman 70.3 Xiamen last weekend.

The self-coached speedster who had been on the sidelines for the better part of two years, prevailed by just 12-seconds from Switzerland’s Imogen Simmonds with Haley Chura finishing four-minutes back in third.

It was little surprise to see Chura lead the field out of the water with a comfortable buffer of 1:37. Interestingly, Chura was in two minds whether or not she would start the event due to a pre-race crash which left her shaken up and missing part of her front tooth. Simmonds followed Chura, ahead of Sarah Cameto and Mullen.

Chura led the charge on the bike for a long period with Cameto, Simmonds and Mullan in a group behind her.

They formed a quartet with around 16km remaining on the ride and entered T2 in unison.

Mullan, who said she was grateful just to make the start line in Xiamen, pulled off the soul-stirring victory by the barest if margins.

It was a case of so near, yet so far for Simmonds who is showing the type of form that suggests a win is just around the corner.

Chura managed to overcome her pre-race setback to still find a step on the podium and it is also little doubt that she will be back on the top step sooner rather than later as well.

Ironman 70.3 Xiamen 2017 Results

1 Mullan, Eimear IRL 4:14:22
2 Simmonds, Imogen SUI 4:14:34
3 Chura, Haley USA 4:18:28
4 Cameto, Sarah USA 4:24:10
5 Juhart, Monica AUS 4:28:19

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