We catch up with Ashleigh Gentle who has also been spending her final preparation stage for the Commonwealth Games in Spain. Witsup ‘O’ Insider, Emma Snowsill reports – proudly supported by Oakley.

W: You’ve been training in Spain these last few weeks in your build up to Glasgow. Are there any particular Spanish words you’ve learnt (or like;)?

AG: ‘Hola’, ‘por favor’and ‘gracias’. Hello, please and thank you. Those are the essentials I’ve used a lot of lately, unfortunately my Spanish doesn’t extend to much past that.

W: Living in an apartment of three girls who are all training for the one major race, has there been any tension about who does the cooking and the dishes?

AG: We have all known each other for a long time now so it’s been easy to live in an apartment together. We share the workload and have clean dishes each morning, so our routine must be working.

W: Typical Spanish food is ‘Tapasand we know athletes don’t enjoy small meals. Have you had any funny looks eating out together when people see the number of plates going out to these slight women?

AG: I don’t think any of us mind too much if we’re getting judged. Three female athletes with low blood sugar is a scary thought, we know we need our food.

W: What will be your celebratory drink of choice be after your first Commonwealth Games experience?

AG: Vodka, soda water with lime is always a good choice.

W: Is there any particular Scottish food your looking forward to having in the Village?

AG: After the Games I’ll just be going for whatever looks good, Scottish food or not. We have to treat ourselves, right?!

W: Your coaches have been delivering your training programs online to you here in Spain. This is a new relationship than what you’ve experienced in the past compared to training in a squad environment & having your coach present at every session? What have you liked most about the change?

AG: I find it less stressful then some squad environments, you are on your own time and it makes me feel more relaxed and ready to train. I go out and do the work and I use a lot more of my Quarq power meter and garmin. I report back to Cliff each day, he is very responsive and we have got a really good system going. At home I still swim with Miami swim squad, which I love.


W: Is there anything new you’ve learnt about yourself in this time that you’ll be taking in to the race in Glasgow?

AG: If things don’t work out as you originally planned, it’s ok! Just go with the flow and stressing doesn’t make anything better. I have had many new experiences already this year and I think I am still learning a lot, about my myself and the challenges that our sport brings.

W: Have you prepared differently for this race than you have in the past considering it is our second major event after an Olympic Games?

AG: I stayed at home for longer than usual so I could get in a good block of training as I only started working with Cliff (English) in April. I felt like I needed that time to focus on getting my body ready for the Games. I have missed a lot of racing but I believe I made a good choice, I am in a much better place then I was earlier on in the year.

W: Who do you think your main contenders will be in Glasgow?

AG: The course is a tough one so it will be a great race, but obviously judging from the WTS lately, girls like Jodie, Jacko, Moffy, Kirsten and Andrea are in good form!

W: What will your race day shades look like? Do you choose a different lens colour for different conditions on race day?

AG: Yep everything depends on the weather, lets hope the Scottish sun is shining.

W: What is currently your go to pair for Casuals?


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Text by Emma Snowsill – The WITSUP ‘O’ INSIDER


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