Emma ‘Moffy’ Moffatt is one of the biggest names in the sport, and we speak with her in the lead up to her first Commonwealth Games appearance as she prepares in Spain with others – proudly supported by Oakley.


W: You’ve been training in Spain these last few weeks in your build up to Glasgow. Are there any particular Spanish words you’ve learnt or like?

EM: I’ve pretty much only mastered Hola, Si, and Gracias. And when conversation progresses past this I turn to Kirsten… Because they speak Catalan in Girona it’s hard to figure the language out!


W: Living in an apartment of three girls who are all training for the one major race, has there been any tension about who does the cooking and the dishes?

EM: No, Kirsten and I seemed to have slid into a good routine of alternating cooking/cleaning nights. I think we keep it fair?


W: Typical Spanish food is ‘Tapas’ and we know athletes don’t enjoy small meals. Have you had any funny looks eating out together when people see the number of plates going out to these slight women?

EM: I don’t think this is restricted to just Spain. But yes if tapas is on the menu there will be a few ordered!


W: What will be your celebratory drink of choice after your first Commonwealth Games experience?

EM: It’s not really the tropical environment for a mojito, but if it’s on the menu that’ll be my choice!


W: Is there any particular Scottish food your looking forward to having in the Village?

EM: Not really, just the good hall in general is an exciting place! So much choice that’s it almost overwhelming!


W: Your coaches have been delivering your training programs online to you here in Spain. This is a new relationship than what you’ve experienced in the past compared to training in a squad environment and having your coach present at every session? What have you liked most about the change?

EM: I love that we can be relaxed and do the sessions in our own time. No need for early wake-ups or stressing about being late! Plus this has allowed us to choose a training environment which we think is the best for us.


W: Is there anything new you’ve learnt about yourself in this time that you’ll be taking in to the race in Glasgow?

EM: Maybe nothing new, but training with Kirsten has reinforced the importance of enjoying training and how this can excite you for racing.


W: Have you prepared differently for this race than you have in the past considering it is our second major event after an Olympic Games?

EM: From the beginning of the season my training and racing schedule has been based around this race. This isn’t usually how we approach our seasons now as our races are a series. My sessions are different in general as this is my first year back training with Shaun Stephens since 2008 Olympics.


W: Who do you think your main contenders will be in Glasgow?

EM; Jacko, Ash, Kirsten, Jodie Stimpson and Andrea.


W: What will your race day shades look like? Do you choose a different lens colour for different conditions on race day?

EM: I can never resist wearing the Aussie colours, so my sunnies will be green and yellow of some description. And yes definitely change the lens depending on the weather or what it looks like it could potentially do!


EM: Frogskins LX Tortoise shell


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Text by Emma Snowsill – The WITSUP ‘O’ INSIDER


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