Kirsten Sweetland isn’t an Aussie, however is somewhat of an adopted Australian with an Aussie coach (Shaun Stephens – SKY Team – who is also Moffy’s coach again), trained in our Australian summers, lived in Noosa earlier this year – and going back at the end of the year, plus she has been roomies with Ash and Moffy in Spain. So we’ve adopted her. We check in with her in the lead into the Commonwealth Games as she prepares in Spain.

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W: You’ve been training in Spain these late few weeks in your build up to Glasgow. Are there any particular Spanish words you’ve learnt or like?

KS: Our favourite word from the get go was Guapa which Emma learned before coming. Beautiful is all you need to know in Spain! Haha No we struggle pretty bad with the language, I hope no one is offended!


W: Living in an apartment of three girls who are all training for the one major race, has there been any tension about who does the cooking and the dishes?

KS: Living together has been awesome! We have a ton of fun. Googling and quizzing each other on skill testing questions, karaoke, dancing… it’s definitely been entertaining! We all just pick up odd jobs when they need to be done so it works really well!


W: Typical Spanish food is ‘Tapas’ and we know athletes don’t enjoy small meals. Have you had any funny looks eating out together when people see the number of plates going out to these slight women?

KS: The first time we went to a sushi place was pretty funny! We ordered like four mains each and we definitely got giggled at by the staff! Luckily the food here isn’t too expensive.


W: What will be your celebratory drink of choice after your first Commonwealth Games experience?

KS: I was just telling Moffy about my favourite drink in Canada. It’s called a Caesar and it like a spicy tomato cocktail, sounds gross but is so good so if I can find one of those here that will for sure be my drink of choice!


W: Is there any particular Scottish food your looking forward to having in the Village?

KS: I haven’t heard of many Scottish delicacies that sound very appetising (sorry Scots!!) so hopefully I’ll be pleasantly surprised! #iwillpassonthehaggis


W: Your coaches have been delivering your training programs online to you here in Spain. This is a new relationship than what you’ve experienced in the past compared to training in a squad environment and having your coach present at every session? What have you liked most about the change?

KS: I really like the freedom and responsibility that comes with training without a coach on the ground. Shaun has been fantastic and really on the ball. He’s always there when we need him if we do have any questions.


W: Is there anything new you’ve learnt about yourself in this time that you’ll be taking in to the race in Glasgow?

KS: Just learning to not put limitations on myself!


W: Have you prepared differently for this race than you have in the past considering it is our second major event after an Olympic Games?

KS: Not really. We just tried to be in my best form during this time if the year which meant a bit of a slow start to the year but I’m happy with the way it’s panned out!


W: Who do you think your main contenders will be in Glasgow?

KS: At a major event I don’t think you can look past any competitors but I think the stand out performers to watch this week will be girls like Emma Jackson, Andrea Hewitt and of course my Girona roommates!! ;)


W: What will your race day shades look like? Do you choose a different lens colour for different conditions on race day?

KS: Given that it’s likely not going to be super sunny I think I’ll wear my Oakley radars with a white frame and pinkish/red lense. That way I’ll be seeing the race through rose colored glasses! ;)


W: What is currently your go to pair for Casuals?

KS: Frogskins for sure! Tortoise shell and black are my go to’s right now. They match with everything!



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Text by Emma Snowsill – The WITSUP ‘O’ INSIDER


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