10 WITSUP Podcast – Vicky Holland

Where do you start with someone who can rival me in the category of chattiness? The answer is, you don’t start, you just dive straight in. Listen to the hilarity that ensues from our chat with Olympic Bronze Medalist, Vicky Holland – and we think that fact only comes up once in the entire show.

09 WITSUP Podcast – Laura Siddall

This podcast is WAY overdue as we actually spoke to Laura ‘Sid’ Siddall the day after her first iron-distance win at Ironman Australia! So for a change of pace, Sid and I enjoyed a well earned beer together chatting about her big day at Ironman Australia, followed by plethora of randomness – from home made gifts and school uniforms, to being part of the army and sloe berry gin. Enjoy!

08 WITSUP Podcast – Michelle Vesterby

Where do you start with Michelle Vesterby? There is so much singing and laughing in this podcast, the text written here can’t do it justice, so just click ‘play’ and enjoy the hilarity from this multiple iron-distance champion … And in Michelle’s words, “keep smiling.”

07 WITSUP Podcast – Charlotte McShane

Join us for Charlotte’s web … of tangents – get it? Charlotte’s web?

We are chatting with Scottish born, but Aussie triathlete, Charlotte McShane! I actually caught up with Charlotte during my time at the AIS a few months ago, so we were huddled up in my little dorm room discussing veganism, her blended accent, gymnastic party tricks, her engagement to Brendan Sexton and so much more … A web of tangents indeed.

06 WITSUP Podcast – Susie Cheetham

I need to preface this podcast by saying YOU MUST LOVE DOGS! A good 20 minutes or so is about our furry, four pawed friends.

During my recent stint in Europe and the UK I had the pleasure of staying at Ironman Brasil champion, Susie Cheetham’s place just outside of Bath in the UK.

I love hanging out with athletes outside of races because you really get to know them well. Susie has a dry sense of humour and spent a good chunk of that weekend taking the piss out of me, and I couldn’t respect her more for it.

She is super chilled, but leaves that on the sidelines when she hits the race track and we’re looking forward to seeing her deliver in Kona.


WITSUP Challenge Roth Super Podcast

WITSUP is excited to be on the ground at Challenge Roth again this year, and for the first time, we are bringing you a Witsup Challenge Roth Super Podcast featuring Laura Siddall, Yvonne Van Vlerken, Ruth Brennan Morrey, Daniela Ryf, Steph Corker, Heather Wurtele and Belinda Granger!

* We were set up in the Erdinger Beer Garden, so please excuse some of the background noise … although we think it adds to the experience.


05 WITSUP Podcast – Ashleigh Gentle

Ash is a badass competitor on the race course, and all kinds of lovely off it. We would gladly sip a brew* with Ash any day.

I actually spoke to Ash Gentle a few weeks ago while she was staying at the Australian Institute of Sport for a training camp which included some nutritional strategy testing – so we start our chat there, and follow that up with things like the influence her family has had on her, her inability to remember movie titles, references or quotes, and her dream of maybe one day owning a cafe.

* Speaking of brews, we mention Ash’s boyfriend, Josh Amberger’s small coffee roasting business that he co-owns with Dan Wilson. Here it is: www.skullduggerycoffee.com (not a paid endorsement – we just love coffee)

04 WITSUP Podcast – Caroline Steffen

You all know this guest as the Warrior Princess. AKA. Xena … Yes, she is one of the most successful long distance triathletes in the world, but, I’m guessing that there’s plenty that you don’t know about Caroline ‘Xena’ Steffen.

I bet you didn’t know that she used to do inline skating? OR, that she crashed a couple’s honeymoon in Sydney when she was younger. OR, that she loves a good mixed tape.

03 WITSUP Podcast – Annabel Luxford

BREAKING NEWS! Our third guest is … NOT PREGNANT!
Annabel ‘Bella’ Luxford joins us for a glass of wine and a chat which goes on so many tangents, we don’t even know where to start describing this episode.
Topics include things like clumsiness, tree climbing, dentists, wombats and weather channel watching. It’s fair to say, we had a great time chatting to this multiple half iron-distance champion.

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02 WITSUP Podcast – Liz Blatchford

She’s the three time Ironman Cairns champ, who has also finished third twice at the Ironman World Championship – we welcome Liz Blatchford to our second WITSUP podcast. We chat with Liz about her current state of play – which is the 25th week of pregnancy (although now 30 weeks at the time of publishing), where her competitive streak comes from, marine biology, and much more.

Find out more about one of our favourite people on the planet – the person we call the hippy trapped in the triathlete’s body!

Also available on iTunes



01 WITSUP Podcast – Mirinda Carfrae

Pretty excited to welcome a three time Ironman World Champion to our very first WITSUP podcast. Mirinda ‘Rinny’ Carfrae has some big news to share, plus, we talk about her growing up, her family, and that moment she knew that triathlon was for her.

Please excuse the sound quality for our first couple of episodes as it was a steep learning curve, but hope to improve quickly. The good news is that Rinny’s sound is much better than ours, and it’s her voice you really want to hear.

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