North America will play host to two 70.3 races this weekend. North Carolina in the U.S will see Ironman 70.3 Raleigh take place while British Colombia in Canada provides the backdrop for Ironman 70.3 Victoria.

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The Race Is On In Raleigh

The city of oaks, also known as Raleigh, in North Carolina will be the half-distance racing venue in North America this weekend, with Ironman 70.3 Raleigh scheduled to be run and won.

The last two years have seen Meredith Kessler and Lauren Barnett fill the top two position, however with neither returning in 2017, a new champion will be crowned.

Australia’s Carrie Lester will come into the race as one of the big hopes. While she thrives over the longer distance, she has solid form in 70.3 races such as a win at Ironman 70.3 Eagleman and a third at Challenge Melbourne in 2016. She was recently fourth in a world-class field at Ironman 70.3 Santa Rosa and is knocking on the door in a race like this one.

Liz Lyles is another who relished full-distance racing but is sure to be in this one up to her ears. She recently finished second to Jeanni Seymour at Ironman 70.3 Monterrey and was fifth at Ironman 70.3 Campeche. Don’t be surprised to see a top-shelf performance here as she builds towards Ironman Frankfurt next month.

Lauren Brandon will be leading from the word go and looking to take the race by the scruff of the neck. She has finished top ten at both Ironman Texas and Ironman 70.3 Monterrey in recent times and will be keen to find a place on the podium here.

Ironman 70.3 Raleigh 2017 Start List

36 Lester Carrie AUS (Australia)
37 Lyles Liz USA (United States of America)
38 Brandon Lauren USA (United States of America)
39 Wassner Laurel USA (United States of America)
40 Benner Holly USA (United States of America)
41 Brown Christen USA (United States of America)
42 Cameto Sarah USA (United States of America)
43 Godesky Alyssa USA (United States of America)
44 Green Erin USA (United States of America)
45 Johann Carly USA (United States of America)
46 Jones Stephanie USA (United States of America)
47 Linnell Allison USA (United States of America)
48 Moench Skye USA (United States of America)
49 Patterson Julie USA (United States of America)
51 Roy Stephanie CAN (Canada)
52 Sherrard Emily USA (United States of America)
53 Smith Lesley USA (United States of America)
54 Thomas Kathryn USA (United States of America)


Elmore Looking To Break Through In Victoria

Ironman 70.3 Victoria is set to rock and roll this weekend in the Canadian province of British Colombia. A field of 14 is listed to face the starter with a few shaping as strong winning chances.

Malindi Elmore finished second in this race last year behind Heather Wurtele. The good news for Elmore is that Wurtele is contesting The Championship in Slovakia this weekend, so a repeat performance may see her grab a breakthrough win. The former track runner is constantly improving her swim and bike legs and has to be considered a big chance.

Lauren Goss recently landed on the podium with a third at Ironman 70.3 Monterrey against some quality opposition. What is even more impressive about that effort was that she suffered a flat tyre when contesting the lead halfway through the bike and then came off trying to ride it out. Goss is in better fettle than that result suggests and could well take this race out.

Lisa Roberts finished second in the Ironman 70.3 North American Championship behind Holly Lawrence. She is rarely far away from the podium and Victoria looks like it will be no exception.

Kelsey Withrow pulled out a super effort to finish fifth at Ironman 70.3 Santa Rosa a few weeks back. She has a strong swim/bike combination that should see her putting some pressure on in the first half of the race.

The experienced Melanie McQuaid is always one to watch when she is racing in her home country. The versatile triathlete, also known for her off-road exploits, is as tenacious as they come and will be keeping her opposition honest all day.

Ironman 70.3 Victoria 2017 Start List

25 Elmore Malindi CAN (Canada)
26 McQuaid Melanie CAN (Canada)
27 Annett Jen CAN (Canada)
28 Goss Lauren USA (United States of America)
29 Roberts Lisa USA (United States of America)
30 Spieldenner Jennifer USA (United States of America)
32 Corker Steph CAN (Canada)
33 Gaudet Annie‐Claude CAN (Canada)
34 Goffredo Kendra USA (United States of America)
35 Hill Alycia USA (United States of America)
36 Madison Mackenzie USA (United States of America)
37 O’Mara Kelly USA (United States of America)
38 Whiting Fawn CAN (Canada)
39 Withrow Kelsey USA (United States of America)

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