This is a must do after your long ride! We spend so much of our day sitting, whether it’s at work, on the bike, or travelling interstate for work and racing! We tend to get tight in our hip flexors, which restricts our ability to run with good form, and can also affect our ability to use our glutes in running and riding.

Start in a low lunge, with the left leg forwards, right leg back. You can use a pillow or towel under the back knee for comfort if required. Make sure that the front knee is stacked over the ankle, to protect the knee joint.  Rather than lunging deeply straight away, see if you can tuck your tailbone under, and bring the front of the ribcage and the front of the hip points closer together- this will bring the stretch more into the hip flexors than the lower back.

Hold for 60 seconds, repeat 2-3 x each side

Text by Rosie McCaughey – Check out Rise Yoga and Wellness here

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